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Staff Mobility (UZH Outgoing)

Application for staff mobility

All staff mobility applications need to be done through our application portal Mobility Online. The links to the online application form can be found below.

The complete application must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the start of the planned staff mobility.

UZH staff can use as login their UZH shortname and the password for the Webpass, which is set in the Identity Manager.

After filling in the online application form, you can use the following link to complete your application and upload the required documents before and after your mobility: Mobility Online

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA)

Taking on a teaching assignment at a European partner university helps instructors improve their teaching skills and develop an international network. The Swiss-European Mobility Programme supports staff mobility for teaching appointments with an allowance for travel and living expenses.


Teaching staff can apply for a grant to cover part of their travel and living expenses in connection with a teaching assignment at a European partner institution. The program also covers Ph.D. students, who are employed at UZH. The teaching assignment must include at least 8 hours of instruction and last from a minimum of 2 consecutive days to a maximum of 10 days per semester.

Link to the Online Application Form

Application Form

Link to Mobility Online after completing the online application form 

Mobility Online

Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme enables university employees to pursue further training at a European partner university or a European company with the aim of promoting dialogue between Swiss and European institutions. Types of trainings include job-shadowing, short working periods, or attending workshops. Conferences are excluded. 


The program awards UZH staff an allowance for travel and living expenses. A stay lasts between a minimum of two consecutive days and a maximum of five days. 

Priority for funding will be given to activities with an administrative focus. For activities with an academic purpose, please refer to STA mobility. 

Link to the Online Application Form

Application Form

Link to Mobility Online after completing the online application form

Mobility Online

Allocating funding and corresponding criteria

  1. Applications will only be considered after their complete submission on Mobility Online.
  2. Reciprocal mobilities will be favored
  3. Funding of more than one mobility per applicant per academic year will be granted only in exceptional cases 
  4. Per work and travel day CHF 170 will be calculated to cover the cost of living (accommodation, food, etc.)
  5. Travel costs are reimbursed with a flat rate of between CHF 30 and CHF 600 depending on the distance and the means of transport used (see "Green Travel Top-Up" below)

As a result of budget cuts, there are currently very limited funds available. 

Green Travel Top-Up

Within the framework of the SEMP, based on the call for projects 2021 and 2022, financial aid is now available to participants who choose to travel to and from their destination using a means of transport generating lower CO2 emissions than the plane. Your travel expenses will be refunded with a more advantageous flat rate if you are able to submit proof of travel by train, bus or car pooling (e.g. copy of the original travel ticket/s or app confirmation) at the end of your stay. In justified cases, additional travel days can further be subsidized (up to 2 days per travel direction).

Decision Tree: How can I travel sustainably? (JPG, 534 KB)

Tips and tricks for train travel (PDF, 189 KB)

Train versus plane (PDF, 160 KB)

Developing Greener Mobility (by movetia)

Individuals with special needs

Instructors and staff with special needs can apply for additional subsidies to cover extra costs incurred during their mobility stay due to their disability.  If you would like to make use of this offer, please contact Alice Ragueneau or the Disability Office. 

Disability Office

Weiterführende Informationen


Alice Ragueneau

+41 44 634 65 11 

Application for SEMP funding

Staff Weeks

You can find an overview of Staff Weeks at European universities here.