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Global Student Experience

Opportunities for Staff

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA)

Taking on a teaching assignment at a European partner university helps instructors improve their teaching skills and develop an international network. The Swiss-European Mobility Programme supports staff mobility for teaching appointments with an allowance for travel and living expenses.

Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme enables university employees to pursue further training at a European partner university or a European company with the aim of promoting dialogue between Swiss and European institutions. Types of trainings include job-shadowing, short working periods, or attending workshops.

Staff Mobility Outgoing

Staff Mobility Incoming


Opportunities within Una Europa

Opportunities for university professionals at Una Europa address selected groups of staff involved in relevant Una Europa topics as well as individuals looking for personal development. Opportunities for professional services staff include:

Live My Life Job-Shadowing-Initiative
Una Europa Staff Week

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