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Non-Subject-Specific Agreements ("University-Wide Agreements")

In principle, the bilateral university-wide agreements are open to students in all subject areas. The video will show you to how to find the right host university via the search portal. Before you apply for one of these universities, please check if the partner university offers your subject and if the subject is open to exchange students on your study level (during the exchange). You have to check that on your own by consulting the fact sheets of the partner universities (see Mobility Online) and by informing yourself on their websites. When you search for partner universities in Mobility Online, the choice given does not take into account these potential restrictions. 

Search Portal

Transfer of Credits

Be sure to consult your academic advisor early on to learn about the conditions regarding the accreditation of your of academic achievements completed abroad. You are required to conclude a learning agreement (credit-transfer agreement) – regardless of whether this is specified by your subject area or not.

Application Requirements

  • You must be enrolled at the University of Zurich at the time of applying for the exchange and during the exchange semester/year.
  • Adherence to the general requirements in your field of study, such as appropriate timing (mobility window) and choice of courses.
  • Compliance with the specifications of the partner university (e.g. study cycle, subjects available): These specifications are listed under each university on the fact sheet published on the "Partner Universities" page. 
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction at the partner university; TOEFL is generally required for USA and Australia. 
  • During the exchange you need to be able to earn an equivalent of at least 15 ECTS points that can be accredited towards your degree at UZH.

Application Process

Applications for an exchange within the framework of university-wide agreements are handled by Global Student Experience. You have to upload your application in the database Mobility Online. In the application form you can choose up to three universities from different exchange programs. Please gather relevant information on the different partner universities, and potential restrictions, on our Search Portal.  If you would like to apply for more than three universities, please notify Global Student Experience.

Students who already completed an exchange within the framework of the university-wide agreements and would like to apply for another exchange place, please note the following points:

  • You can only apply for still open exchange places, which are announced in summer for the following spring semester.
  • During the exchange you need to be able to earn an equivalent of at least 15 ECTS points that can be accredited towards your degree at UZH.
  • It is not possible to do more than two exchange stays within the framework of the university-wide agreements.
  • The exchanges stays need to be completed on two different study levels (BA/MA/PhD).

Once you have submitted your completed application Global Student Experience will decide upon your nomination to the partner university.

Application Documents

  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • One letter of motivation in which you describe your reasons for choosing each partner university (at least one A4- and at most two A4-pages in English or the relevant language of instruction)
  • Copy of your High School Certificate (e.g. Maturitätszeugnis).
  • Summary of Credits
  • Students who are in their first semester and do not yet have any grades available at the time of the application are requested to hand them via e-mail in as soon as they are published (even if it is after the deadline for the application has passed).
  • Many partner universities have a GPA requirement. You can calculate your GPA here.
  • Proof of language skills for the partner university: When submitting your application to Global Student Experience, this proof must not necessarily be equivalent to the one requested by the partner university. Nevertheless you need to show that you are able to follow the class in the language of instruction (e.g. with CAE, CPE, expired proof of language skills, longer stays in the language area, list of successfully completed courses in English at UZH). Upon nomination, however, you should take the test required by the partner university right away and submit the certificate in time for the deadline of the partner university.
  • Passport-sized photograph (max. 500x500 pixel)
  • Passport copy

Selection Criteria

The number of exchange places is limited and the places are awarded according to following criteria in the order they are mentioned:

  1. Handing in all the required application document correctly and on time.
  2. Academic performance until now.
  3. Letter of motivation: The academic benefit of the exchange stay needs to be presented convincingly.
  4. Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction.
  5. Study plan: The course offering of the partner university has to be suitable and courses are chosen according to their specifications/restrictions (there have to be enough courses that can be accredited).

Nomination by UZH

Nomination by UZH

  1. Global Student Experience reviews the submitted documents and makes its selection on the basis of your study plans, academic achievement, and letter of motivation.
  2. Those students selected will receive a confirmation of nomination from Global Student Experience. Global Student Experience informs the respective partner universities of the students selected.
  3. At the same time, the nominated students are asked to put together the documents required by the partner university.

Nominated students carry full responsibility for ensuring that their application documents are submitted to the partner university in full and within the prescribed time.

Helpful Hints

  • Fill in all three priorities in your application form on Mobility Online. The chances of receiving an offer are higher if multiple priorities are selected, though of course this only applies if you are equally interested in the universities in priorities two and three also.
  • You are free to mix priorities from different exchange programs (SEMP, university-wide, etc.). Please note the different application deadlines. The complete application must be submitted by the earliest deadline stipulated.
  • You can also indicate that you are flexible in your choice of university in your letter of motivation. Should be not be able to offer you any of your three priorities, we may suggest a spot at a different university.
  • Choose your universities based on academic factors. A strong application entails a letter of motivation that outlines the academic value of your choice in detail, and emphasizes the importance of an exchange at precisely that university.
  • Inquire with your subject which universities could be particularly suited to you, and read the experience reports on our website.

Application to the Partner University

In order to apply to the partner university, a separate application process must be followed. To some extent, the partner university requires the same documents as Global Student Experience. You are therefore advised to study the details of the partner university’s application process well in advance and prepare the necessary documents in good time. In particular, all partner universities require a scan of your latest transcript of records together with its translation in English. The translation must be written in accordance with your faculty’s instructions. 

The final decision on your acceptance lies with the partner university.


Key Information

Please be sure to read the fact sheets and the information on the partner universities’ websites plus the experience reports written by former exchange students.


Link to Mobility Online.

Weiterführende Informationen

SEMP Goes Worldwide

SEMP scholarships for exchange stays at selected non-European partner universities are now available: List SEMP 'worldwide'-Scholarships


Outgoing Team

Exchange Stay in Australia not Possible for Master's-level Students

It is not possible for Master's level psychology students to do their exchange in Australia, as these partner universities will not accept them.

Letter of Motivation

Students who are applying to universities in Latin America and plan on taking courses in Spanish or Portuguese, are required to write their letter of motivation in both English and Spanish orPortguese respectively.


Students who are applying to the Université Laval in Canada and plan on taking courses in French, are required to write their letter of motivation in both English and French.