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Exchange Programs

Choice of Partner University

In selecting a partner university, you are bound to the agreement applicable to your subject area and academic level:

The exchange normally takes place in your major subject. To find out whether you are eligible to apply for an exchange in your minor subject, please contact your departmental coordinator. At many partner universities, exchange students can take courses in various subject areas. We encourage you to clarify this well in advance with the partner university.

Exchange within Europe with SEMP (formerly Erasmus)

Exchange outside of Europe

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The Right Timing for your Exchange

The right timing for an exchange depends on your field of study. Please discuss this with your departmental coordinator.

To study abroad, you must be matriculated at UZH and be at least in your second year of study.

Length of the Stay Abroad

An exchange for study purposes within the framework of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme must last at least 2 months but no longer than 12 months.

Provided your studies permit, we recommend an exchange period of two semesters. You can find the exact dates of the semesters on the partner university’s own website.

It is possible to study abroad for up to 12 months at every academic level (BA, MA, PhD).

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SEMP Goes Worldwide

SEMP scholarships for exchange stays at selected non-European partner universities are now available: List SEMP 'worldwide'-Scholarships

Experience Reports

Read the experience reports written by students returning from their studies abroad at one of our partner universities.

Experience Reports

Applications for exchange places available for the spring semester 2025 open June 1!

Please see the list of available places under the university-wide agreements below. Also get in touch with your departmental coordinator to find out which places are still available for the spring semester 2025.

Application Deadline July 15, 2024

Certain exchange programs and subjects may have later deadlines. Please contact the responsible departmental coordinator directly.


PLEASE NOTE: when applying for different exchange programs, the earlier deadline applies (July 15).

Information on Safety

For information on safety in the various host countries please consult the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA

Register on the FDFA's Travel Admin App

The Travel Admin app provides ideal support in preparing a trip. The app also offers useful information and services for people travelling, not only in case of a crisis. But if the crisis does occur, the app can become a particularly valuable tool.

Heyning-Roelli Scholarships

Scholarships for students who wish to do an exchange program abroad. Outgoing students in particular are encouraged to apply.