Invited Visiting Students (BA/MA)

Target Group

Invited visiting students are students who are enrolled at a recognized foreign higher education institution (BA/undergraduate, MA/graduate) that want to pursue a project (research, write a thesis etc.) at an institute at UZH. Invited visiting students can provide a letter of invitation from a researcher employed by UZH and they can stay at UZH for at least 2 and at most 12 months.

Please Note

If you are enrolled at a university participating in the Erasmus+ Programme and want to pursue a project as mentioned above, you should apply through the SEMP Programme. You can find further information here.

Admission Requirements

  1. You are enrolled at your home university as a regular student during the whole duration of your stay at UZH (e.g. no leave of absence).
  2. You have studied the subject you plan to take courses in at UZH for at least two semesters at your home university. 
  3. An institute at UZH has agreed that one of their researchers will supervise you for a clearly defined duration in the framework of a certain project.
  4. For the duration of your stay, you are not employed by the UZH.
  5. A language level of B2 in the language of instruction as agreed upon with your supervisor is recommended.


As an invited visiting student, you will be enrolled at UZH. Taking regular courses is not usually intended or required, unless it is recommended by your supervisor and in connection with the project.

You cannot earn a UZH degree. There is no general right to be granted admission.

Application Process

  1. You agree with the responsible person at an institute at UZH that you will come to that institute for a clearly defined duration and specify the content of your project during that time. You have a letter of invitation outlining these details from the institute.
  2. Fill in the application form: Application Form Mobility Online
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with your login name and password for our application portal: Mobility Online
    There you can upload your application documents.
  4. Your application will be assessed by Global Student Experience.

Application Documents

Application Deadlines

Students who do not need a visa for Switzerland have to complete their application two months before the start of your planned stay at UZH.

Students who need a visa for Switzerland have to complete their application three months before the start of your planned stay at UZH.

Fees and Living Costs

For the duration of your stay as an invited visiting student you are exempt from the semester fees at UZH. Invited visiting students need to make sure they have the means to cover the living costs in Zurich (eg. through scholarships, amount of CHF 1750 to CHF 2200 per month recommended) during their stay.


Students with non-EU/EFTA nationality will need a valid visa when entering Switzerland. If this applies to you, upload the visa application form together with your application documents on Mobility Online. In case you are unsure if a visa is really necessary, you can ask Global Student Experience. With the visa application form, we will apply for a visa on your behalf with the Migration Office Zurich, which may incur a fee.

More information here.