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Global Student Experience

Living and Working in Zurich


Finding suitable accommodations in Zurich can be difficult: Apartments are scarce and prices are high. As a city university, UZH does not provide on-campus living. We do, however, reserve a limited number of rooms for exchange students. 

Housing for Exchange Students

The rooms reserved for exchange students from our partner universities are administered by the Housing Office of the University and ETH Zurich. The Global Student Experience office provides exchange students with the necessary information about registering online for a room.

Please note that this option is only available to exchange students. Visiting students and trainees please consult the below information. 


Housing for Degree-Seeking Students

Degree-seeking students please refer to the information published here.


Information and Tipps for Finding Accommodation

Further information on finding accommodation is available here. The Housing Office also publishes an overview of useful addresses for reasonably-priced accommodation as well as for affordable living on short notice.

Housing Office of the University and ETH Zurich

Housing offers can also be found on the various notice boards in the University buildings. Another useful link for international students who are looking for accommodation in Zurich is the UZH/ETH online marketplace (Marktplatz).

Online Marketplace (most advertisements are in German)


Temporary Accommodation

It is often easier to look for accommodation once you are in Zurich. If you have not found a place to stay by the time you arrive, you might consider these options for a temporary stay:


Oldtown Hostel Otter

Working in Zurich

During the semester, you may accept a paid part-time job of no more than 15 working hours a week. Full-time employment is permitted during the regular semester vacations. However, in both cases, your employer will have to apply for your work permit at the cantonal office for economy and labor (AWA).

Please note: Bachelor students from third countries (countries outside EU/EFTA) must have lived in Switzerland for at least 6 months to obtain a work permit. The same is true for Master students from non-EU countries unless they get a job at their UZH institute.

Cantonal office for economy and labor (AWA)

Working while Studying - Study in Switzerland

Working in Switzerland - Information for Non-EU/EFTA Nationals (UZH Career Services)

UZH Career Services

Weiterführende Informationen

Beware of Apartment Fraud

You find further information on this unfortunate topic on the website of the Housing Office of the University and ETH Zurich.

Change of address during your stay

If you move during your stay in Zurich, you have to change your address online in the UZH electronic system and inform Global Student Experience
Online Address Change

Bank Accounts

 For most banks it's a prerequisite to appear in person at their counter with a valid passport or ID, a Swiss residence permit and (in some cases) a confirmation of matriculation at a university. Some banks may not accept customers with certain nationalities. 

Telephone Providers

The easiest way to use your mobile phone without a residence permit is by purchasing a prepaid SIM card. Choose a provider and visit one of their branches with your passport or ID. 

If you'd prefer a contract with a telecommunications company instead of a prepaid solution, you first need to get your residence permit. 

Household Issues

Not quite sure which garbage bags to use, or why you have received a bill?