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Promotion of International Projects in Education

International Cooperation Projects in Education

The aim of international cooperation in education in the field of teaching is to establish new and integrative educational systems, to promote innovative methods for teaching and learning, to develop new teaching plans, or to strengthen collaboration between important partners in the field of higher education as well as in the economy in general. Financial support, available for international cooperation projects with potential relevance for researchers of the University of Zurich, can be applied for via the following: The Erasmus+ funding programme, the related Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ and the International Programme.

The following paragraphs provide detailed information regarding the individual funding opportunities. The most important differences between the programs are the following:

  • In the 'International Programme' the applying Swiss institution (e.g. the institute or department chair) may take the project lead. As Switzerland is considered a "third country" within Erasmus+ and is therefore not a program country, Swiss institutions may 'only' act as partners in this case.
  • Within the 'International Programme' a cooperation with just one non-Swiss institution is sufficient. The institution can be located in- or outside Europe. Within Erasmus+ the regulation is for at least three institutions from program countries in addition to the Swiss institution. 
  • Due to the differing size of the programs higher visibility is to be expected from the Erasmus+ Programme and the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+. 

Erasmus+ and the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+

Funding Opportunities within Erasmus+ (Image: Movetia)

Within the framework of Erasmus+ cooperation partnerships can also be funded. Projects with the following thematic priorities are eligible for funding in the Call 2021-2027:

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainability, environment, climate change
  • Communal Values, societal commitment and participation

Swiss institutions cannot take the project lead as Switzerland is deemed a third country within Erasmus+. A Swiss institution can participate as an official or as an associated partner (in addition to at least three further institutions from program countries). In the first scenario financing occurs via Erasmus+, in the second a separate, additional application is submitted by the Swiss institution to the National Agency Movetia (see image above). Financing is only possible in this case if the Erasmus+ application is accepted. The added value of the Swiss institution's participation must be sufficiently demonstrated in the application in both cases. Further information on this as well as the application can be found in the program manual and on the Movetia website (see links in teaser).

Funding Areas within Erasmus+ and the Swiss Program for Erasmus +

Funding Areas within Erasmus+ (Image: Movetia)

Movetia - International Programme

Parallel to the Erasmus+ Programme and the and Swiss Programme for Erasmus+, respectively, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) can pursue cooperation projects with institutions abroad directly. Examples are projects that focus on:

  • Institutional networking and knowledge sharing
  • Development of educational services
  • Strengthening and advancement of the quality and competitiveness of the Swiss educational system including youth work

As with the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ the application and selection is done via the National Agency Movetia. The benefits for the Swiss educational system must be demonstrated in the application. The following criteria apply:

  • Partnership with at least one European or non-European institution
  • An application must be made for one of the set contributions: 15'000, 30'000 or 60'000 CHF. The maximum duration of the projects is 24 months and they must begin between July 1 and October 31. 
  • The amount requested may make up a maximum of 60% of the project budget. The remaining 40% must come from third-party funds (not Erasmus+ funds) or from own sources (e.g. work days).
  • Newcomers are given priority between applications of equal quality.

Preparatory Visits

Financial assistance can also be applied for through Movetia for preparatory visits (see link in teaser). These funds can be used to cover travel- and accommodation expenses in connection with potential project applications for the International Programme (CHF 800.-/person for partner institutions in Europe, or CHF 1200.-/person outside of Europe, respectively). An invitation letter is required for the application.

Weiterführende Informationen


The following links provide further information and manuals for the programmes as well as an application form.


Global Student Experience UZH
Afra Schacher
Guido Kleinberger
Cecilia Caruso


Movetia - National Agency
Maria Stergiou
Julia Grünenfelder

Application Deadlines

Erasmus+: 20.02.2024

Swiss Prog. for Erasmus+: 05.03.2024

Int. Programme: 28.03.2024

Prep. Visits: rolling applications

UZH - Institutions Code

One of the following institution codes may be required for the application:

- PIC-Code: 999976396
- OID-Code: E10209386

Info Event Video

At an info event, information was provided about funding instruments for international cooperation projects supported by Movetia. A recording of the event, the program and the presentations can be found at the link below.