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Outside of Europe

Agreement Types

Individual agreements (Student Exchange Agreements, SEA) are concluded with universities in non-European countries. UZH agreement-templates are to be used alternatively to those of the partner universities wherever possible, as, on the one hand, agreement-templates from non-European partner universities can be exceedingly broad. Information on data security, and referrals to laws valid in the respective country in particular, necessitate thorough examination, including by Legal Services and the Delegate for Data Protection. On the other hand, other institutions may use very short templates.

UZH Agreement Template (DOC, 150 KB)

A Guideline Document (PDF, 53 KB) provides information on the issues to be settled in an agreement, and who is responsible for signing these agreements. Not uncommonly, this type of agreement is accompanied by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the details of which are not legally binding, however.

Information on Memorandum of Understanding

Subject- Institute- or Faculty Agreements

Subject-, Institute- or Faculty agreements are initiated by lecturers or departmental coordinators. Researchers' relationships commonly provide an excellent basis for launching agreement-negotiations. Global Student Experience undertakes the examination of the agreements' contents, coordinates the collection of signatures and preserves a copy of the original agreement.

Many Partners outside of Europe are very strict in terms of adherence to a set exchange balance. Because if this, it is often advisable to conclude a non-subject-specific ("university-wide") agreement, provided multiple faculties or subjects are interested in the destination. The negotiation and conclusion of agreements on this level falls under the auspices of Global Student Experience.

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Guidelines "Concluding Exchange Agreements"