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Global Student Experience

Transfer of Credits

An exchange is designed to offer students the opportunity to experience education and research at another university as well as to achieve academic results, i.e. earn ECTS credits. Before you depart, it is therefore essential that you clarify with your assigned contact person or examination delegate which credits will be counted towards your degree in Zurich and draw up a corresponding learning agreement.

Template for exchanges under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme:

Download Learning Agreement SEMP (PDF, 221 KB)

There is no standardized form for exchanges outside of Europe. Draw up your credit agreement in accordance with the guidelines set by your Faculty/Department.

Credit Transfer Procedure

Responsibility for the transfer of credits earned abroad lies with the Faculties. For questions regarding credit transfer, please contact the staff responsible in the departments and faculties. Global Student Experience cannot supply any information in this respect.

Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics

Faculty of Medicine

Vetsuisse Faculty

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Science