Final Report and Expense Report

After completion of a project, the person receiving funding submits a final report and a detailed expense report with original receipts to the Coordination Center North-South. The final report and expense report must be submitted within six weeks after the official project duration has been completed, but at the latest by mid-December of the same calendar year. The Coordination Center North-South will reimburse costs within six weeks after receiving the expense report.

In addition, people receiving funding are requested to inform the Coordination Center North-South of project results and to submit copies of publications. Publications serve to document and to strengthen the visibility of North-South Cooperation and thus to safeguard future funding opportunities.

All publications must acknowledge funding from North-South Cooperation by stating the following, “This research was supported by a grant from North-South Cooperation, University of Zurich.”

Expense Claim (DOC, 139 KB)

Final Report (DOC, 87 KB)