Steering Committee

The steering committee is made up of scholars from the University of Zurich who have extensive experience in North-South relations. The committee is responsible for the program's organization and supervision.

Members of the steering committee:

  • Chairman: Prof. Dr. Hans Weder, former UZH president, Faculty of Theology
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Finke, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch, Ethnographic Museum
  • Prof. Dr. Gesine Krüger, Department of History
  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa, Department for Political Science
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Schaber, Department of Philosophy
  • Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Weber, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Benedikt Korf, Department of Geography
  • Prof. Dr. Marta Manser, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

Coordination Center North-South

The Coordination Center North-South was established in August 2008 in order to coordinate activities within the scope of the North-South Cooperation. It is affiliated with the International Relations Office.