Milestones Achieved by the North-South Cooperation

2008: Foundation of the North-South Cooperation

On the occasion of its 175th anniversary in 2008, UZH chose the motto “Sharing Knowledge” to reinforce the North-South dialogue and to enter into partnerships with two African universities. Following the UZH annual media conference in the spring of 2008, agreements were signed with Makerere University (MAK) in Uganda and National University of Rwanda (NUR). At UZH, the Coordination Center North-South was set up to coordinate and supervise the partnerships. The cooperation projects are made possible thanks to the financial support by the Jacobs Foundation.

UZH News article on the partnership with MAK and NUR

2011: Expansion of the support program

Based on a program evaluation, the steering committee of the North-South Cooperation decided in 2011 to expand the North-South Cooperation to the whole of Africa. As a result, support can now be given to projects with research institutes throughout the whole continent.

2014/15: Strengthening the partnership with Makerere University Uganda

After several years of cooperation in various subjects ranging from medicine and social anthropology on to linguistics and philosophy, the decision was taken to extend cooperation with MAK. A large MAK-UZH research symposium in the field of human and veterinary medicine was held in Kampala, at which existing partnerships were consolidated and new research contacts established. Cooperation was also extended at student level. An agreement signed in 2014 between the UZH Medicine Faculty and the MAK College of Health Sciences enables UZH medical students to spend part of their elective year at the Ugandan partner institution.

In August 2015, the North-South Cooperation supported a second MAK-UZH symposium that took place in Zurich on the subject “Addressing Global Health Challenges.”

UZH News article on the MAK-UZH Symposium 2014

UZH News article on UZH-MAK cooperation in the field of human medicine

Partnership with Makerere University Uganda

The key partner in UZH’s cooperation with universities in Africa is the Makerere University Uganda (MAK). A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was drawn up with the aim of developing a sustainable institutional partnership.


Following a visit by a Makerere University delegation to UZH, a MoU was signed in April 2008 by representatives from both universities. The agreement lays the foundation for long-term cooperation in the fields of education and research and also includes arrangements for students and teaching staff mobility. Since 2008, the North-South Cooperation has supported a large number of projects in fields that include human medicine, veterinary medicine, applied ethics, ethnology, and language sciences.

Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, is the oldest and most prestigious university in East Africa. It is a university with influence beyond its region and offers a wide range of opportunities in education and research.

Makerere University Uganda

Makerere University