Winter Schools 2021/22

Here you will find a range of offers for winter schools at various universities (most programs are expected to be announced around September / October). Follow the links for more information. This list is not exhaustive. We also accept no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the linked sites. 

Unless otherwise indicated, students attending a Winter School are generally required to organize their participation (application, costs, accommodations, etc.) themselves. For all questions with regards to the transfer of ECTS credits, you will need to get in touch with the responsible contact person at your Department and/or Faculty. The International Relations Office cannot supply any information in this respect. 

In light of the current situation with the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, always refer to the information published by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Office of Public Health when planning your travelsUpdates for Travellers by theFederal Office of Public Health

UZH Short Program Scholarships for Winter Schools 2021/22

The University of Zurich offers a limited number of scholarships worth up to CHF 500 for physical participation in Winter Schools 2020/21 or up to CHF 300 for online participation. 

Please hand in your application for the UZH Short Program Scholarship for Winter Schools by 30 November 2021. The application process and required documents follow the regular process as described on our website about the Financing for Short Programs as Summer and Winter Schools

In case of any questions, please contact



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Winter School Title



(Most winter schools in 2021/22 are expected to be announced around September / October 2021)


* for the following winter schools students can apply for specific scholarships.

International Summer and Winter Schools Platforms

The following websites offer a broad overview of different summer school programs around the world: 

Please note that all of these websites are not related to the University of Zurich in any way.