Summer Schools 2019

Here you will find a range of offers for summer schools at various universities. Follow the links for more information. This list is not exhaustive. We also accept no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the linked sites. Unless otherwise indicated, students attending a summer school are generally required to organize their participation (costs, accommodations, etc.) themselves.



Subject Areas

Summer School Title




University of Sydney

Architecture, Arts and

Social Science, 

Economics, Science

Short Term - Study Abroad

4 June - 17 July,

25 June - 26 July 2019           



University of Queensland                      

Business, Marketing

Queensland in July

01 - 21 July 2019



University of Graz

Radical Disengagement: State - Society

- Religion

Graz International Summer School Seggau

30 June - 13 July 2019



University of Vienna

Law, Political Science,

Economics, History etc.


13 July - 10 August 2019             



Vienna University of

Economics and Business

various programs

International Summer University Wien

depending on program



University of Antwerp

various programs

Antwerp Summer University

depending on program


Belgium Université libre de Bruxelles Beer and Brewing Business Summer School - Beer and Brewing Business 25 - 31 August 2019  
Bali Warmadewa University

Business, Entrepreneurship, Tourism,

Indonesian Language and Culture

Bali Summer School 3 - 29 August 2019  


Pontifical Catholic University

Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian History, Culture and Economy

Brazilian Seminars

11 - 26 July 2019



Université Laval


International Summer Business University

depending on program



University of British Columbia

various programs

Vancouver Summer Program

13 July - 13 August 2019




de los Andes

Spanish Language GO UANDES July  


Fudan University

Economics, Society,


2019 Summer Camp on Chinese Society

and Economy, BEYOND International Summer School

15 - 26 July 2019,

08 - 19 July


China Fudan University various courses Fudan University International Summer Session 2019 4 July - 3 August 2019

Full tuition fee scholarships have

already been awarded. You can 

still apply for a UZH scholarship.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

China, Environment, Politics

Summer @ SJTU

11 July - 2 August 2019



Tianjin University

Chinese Language and Culture,

Research, Enterprise Internship

Tianjin University International Summer School

depending on program

20% discount for UZH Students


Tsinghua University

various programs

Experiencing China

11 - 24 July 2019

Yes, get more information here (PDF, 1394 KB)


Zhejiang University

various programs

2nd ZJU Scholars Summer Research Program

18 June - 13. August 2019

see link for information

Czech Republic CEBEX Prague Behavioral Science CEBEX Summer School of Behavioral Sciences 19 July - 27 July 2019  

Czech Republic

Charles University

various programs

various programs


on program


Czech Republic Charles University

European Identity between Unity

and Diversity: Problems and Challenges

Summer University Prague 7 - 21 September 2019 Yes
Czech Republic

Charles University, Faculty of

Medicine in Pilsen

Experimental Surgery Summer School of Experimental Surgery 01 - 12 July 2019  
Czech Republic

University of Finance

and Administration

International Business International Summer Program in Prague 16 - 26 July 2019  
Czech Republic University of Chemistry and Technology Advances in Drug Discovery Prague-Weizmann Summer School 2 - 6 September 2019  
Denmark Aarhus University various programs AU Summer University

02-09 July 2019 /

22 July - 09 August 2019

Estonia University of Tartu

Humanities, Estonian language,

social sciences, IT, Law, Business

International Summer University July, August: depending on program  


University of Eastern Finland

various programs

UEF Summer School

12 - 23 August 2019



University of Helsinki

Law, Feminism, Popular Culture,

Media, Gentrification, Finnish etc.

Helsinki Summer School 2019

06 - 22 August 2019



University of Jyväskylä

various programs

Jyväskylä Summer School in Human Sciences

Jyväskylä Summer School of Science

20 May - 14 June 2019 /

05 - 16 August 2019


Finland University of Tampere various programs Tampere Summer Schools 01 - 16 August 2019  
France ESCEM - Business & Digital School

International Marketing,

Cross-cultural Management in Practice

(optional French course)

ESCEM Summer School 24 June - 12 July 2019  
France NEOMA Business School Sports Management

Sport Federations and Major Events Management Programme

01 - 19 July 2019  
France EDHEC Business School

Globalising Europe,

Leisure and Lifestyle

EDHEC Summer Courses 17 June - 5 July 2019  


Paris School of Economics

Economics, Climate Change etc.

PSE Summer School

17 - 28 June 2019



Rennes School of Business


Summer Programme

12 - 22 June 2019


France Sorbonne Nouvelle University Theatre Theatre Summer School 01 - 19 July 2019  


Sciences Po

Social Sciences, French

Sciences Po Summer School

June, July 2019



Université Grenoble



Mountains on the move

17 - 28 June 2019


France Université Bordeaux Montaigne French language course Cours d'été - Français Langue Étrangère 01 - 26 July 2019  
Germany Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Geography Humangeographische Summerschule "Praktiken und Raum"  11 - 13 Sept 2019  


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Architecture, Art, Design, Engineering,

Culture, Language etc.

Bauhaus Summer School

04 - 30 August 2019



Charité Hospital Berlin

Emergency Medicine

Berlin Emergency Exchange Program

05 - 11 October 2019


Germany University of Greifswald German Language and Culture Courses Summer School Greifswald 05 - 30 August 2019  


HU Berlin

various programs

HUWISU Sommerkurse 


on program

(scholarships have

already been awarded)


Europa-Universität Frankfurt (Oder)


The European System of Human Rights Protection

08 July - 19 July 2019


Germany Europa-Universität Frankfurt (Oder)

Transsectoral UrbanLab. Participatory

Urbanism Beyond Metroploeis

Viadrinicum 19 August - 1 September 2019  
Germany Goethe-University Frankfurt various programs Frankfurt Summer School 05 - 30 August 2019  


Technical University of Berlin

Programming, 3D-Printing,

Robotics, Satellite-design etc.

Summer University

July, August 2019


Germany Technical University of Munich

Sustainable Entrepreneurship - 

Theory and Practice

TUM Summer School 15 - 26 July 2019  
Germany Technical University of Dresden Technology Transfer in Life Sciences International Summer School in Technology Transfer in Life Sciences 16 - 20 September 2019  


University of Trier


Summer School on German Law and German Legal Methods

12 - 23 August 2019


Greece American College of Greece

Learning Agility in the Era of Disruption /

Shipping in Action!

Summer Schools in Shipping and Learning Ability

01 - 04 July 2019 /

08 - 12 July 2019



Panteion University

Journalism, Communication, 

Creative Economics

Syros Summer Seminar

27 June - 07 July 2019


Hong Kong

Hong Kong University

various programs

HKU Summer Institute 2019


on program


Hong Kong

Hong Kong University of

Science and Technology

Science, Engineering,

Business, Social Sciences

HKUST International Summer Exchange Program

17 June - 10 August 2019


Hong Kong

Chinese University of

Hong Kong

Diverse range of research programs

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme

23 June - 18 August 2019


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Polytechnic


Psychology, History, Economi, AI, 

Chinese Culture and language etc.

PolyU International Summer School 2019

11 July - 14 August 2019


Hungary Eötvös Lorand University 

Law /

Hungarian Language & Culture /

Business Economics

Transnational Aspects of Law

ELTE Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture

ELTE Summer School of Business and Economics

05 - 10 August 2019 /

29 July - 23 August 2019 /

15 - 29 July 2019


Israel Tel Aviv University

Israel's national security challenge

in the middle east

Summer Program 28 July - August 15 2019  
Italy Bocconi University Milan Marketing, Management, Business Summer's Cool in Milan 01 - 19 July 2019  


Kansai University


Kansai University Summer School

July 2019



Kyoto University

Lab Research, Science

Amgen Scholars Program 2019

11 June - 4 August 2019



Meiji University

Japanese Language, Culture and


Japan Study Short Programs

July 2019



Waseda University 

various programs

Waseda Summer Session 2019

24 June - 18 July 2019



University of Tokyo

Lab Research, Science

Engineering Summer Education Program

24 June - 9 August 2019





International Summer Academy Kosovo

10 - 20 July / 12 - 22 August 2019


Malaysia University of Nottingham Malaysia

Politics, Media, Climate Change,

Business, Creative Writing, Chinese

International Summer School 02 - 17 July 2019 Yes


Tecnologico de


Aeronautics, Business, Marketing

iSummer MX

July 2019



EGADE Business School - 

Tecnologico de Monterrey

Business LATAM: A new era of Innovation & Entrepreneurship 14 - 26 July  


Namibia University of

Science and Technology

Economics, Political Science

Summer University Namibia

28 July - 24 August 2019


Netherlands Maastricht University various programs Maastricht Summer School depending on program  


University of Leiden, 

University of Amsterdam,

Columbia University


Columbia Summer Program

01 - 26 July 2019



Radboud University

various programs

Radboud Summer School

July, August 2019



University of Amsterdam

various programs

UvA Summer School

depending on program


Netherlands University of Leiden

Immune modulation in human

and animal infections: Impact on health,

disease and therapy

Summer School 8 - 12 July 2019  
Norway BI Norwegian Business School

Intercultural Management, 

Applied Social Networks Analysis

International Summer Programme depending on program

30% discount

Peru - Development aid/ projects Minka Summer School 16 - 27 September 2019  

University of Aveiro,

University of Milano-Bicocca

Green Energy Management GEM Europe 09 - 16 July 2019  


St. Petersburg State University


International Summer School in Russian Business

24 June - 11 July 2019



University of Belgrad (In cooperation

with University of Zürich / Geneva)


Revisiting research training in 
linguistics: theory, logic, method    

July 2019



Nanyang Technological University

Chinese Language and

Culture, Economics, Design

Summer Programme

24 June - 2 August,

01 - 26 July 2019

Yes, get more Information here (PDF, 5614 KB).


University of Ljubljana

Business, Management

Take the best form East and West

08 - 26 July 2019


South Korea

Ewha Womens University

various programs

Ewha International Summer College

26 June - 24 July 2019


South Korea

Pusan National


various academic courses / 

Korean Culture & Language

2019 PNU Summer School

26 June - 23 July 2019 (Session A)

25 July - 13 Aug 2019 (Session B)

Yes (PDF, 77 KB)

South Korea

Seoul National University

various programs

International Summer Program

25 June - 26 July 2019

10 % discount for UZH Students

South Korea

Yonsei University

various programs

Yonsei Summer International School

July, August


Spain Universidad de Granada Molecular Oncology MOLON 2019 10 - 13 September 2019  


Universitat Pompeu


various programs

UPF Barcelona International Summer School 2019

July 2019



Universidad Autonoma

de Madrid

Business, Economics

Summer School of Economics and Business

24 June - 19 July 2019


Spain Universidad da Coruña various programs International Summer School a Coruña 22 July - 2 August 2019  

University of Burgos, Leon, Salamance,


Spanish Language Experience Spanish in the 4 Universities of Castilla y Leon 30 June - 28 July 2019  


Stockholm University

Business and Law

Business Week Stockholm (DOCX, 250 KB) /

Law Summer Programme

06 - 10 May 2019



University of Geneva

Law, Social Sciences, Programming

2019 Summer Courses

June 2019



National Taiwan University 

Chinese Language and Culture

2019 NTU Plus Academy Spring+ Programs

27 May - 28 June 2019

NTU offers USD 200 - USD 400

discount to UZH students. 

Apply via NTU directly.


National Taiwan


Chinese, Science,

Social Sciences

2019 NTU Plus Summer Academy

depending on program


Taiwan National Tsing Hua University various programs National Tsing Hua Global Summer School 14 - 31 July 2019  

United Kingdom

Lancester University

various programs

Global Summer Schools

June, July, August, September


United Kingdom

Queen Mary University

of London

Literature, Chinese, Law,

Physics, Popular Culture etc.

QMUL Summer School              

01 - 19 July,

22 July - 9 August 2019               


United Kingdom

University College


various programs

Summer School at UCL

22 July - 9 August 2019


United Kingdom

University of Birmingham

Environment, Culture, Film,

Global Politics, Finance etc.

Birmingham International 

Summer School (BISS)

15 July - 2 August 2019


United Kingdom

University of Exeter

various programs

International Summer School

depending on program


United Kingdom University of Glasgow various programs 2019 Courses depending on program 10% discount

United Kingdom

University of Oxford

Environment, Economics

Enterprise and Environment Summer School

30 June - 12 July 2019


United Kingdom

University of Oxford, University

of Cambridge

various programs

Cambridge Summer Institute

Oxford Summer Abroad

depending on program


United Kingdom

School of Oriental and African Studies

various programs

Academic Summer Schools at SOAS

July - August 2019



University of Connecticut

various programs

UConn Summer Sessions

depending on program



UC Davis

various programs

Summer Sessions

Session 1: 24 June - 2 August

Session 2: 5 August - 14 September



University of Maryland

various programs

Summer Session 

depending on program


UZH students can apply for scholarships to participate in summer programs offered by our Universitas 21 partners, even if the program is not listed on our website. Please visit the U21 Database for International Opportunities for Students and see which programs are on offer by U21 members. For more information on our scholarships, please visit our website Financing for Short Programs as Summer and Winter Schools

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