Student Testimonial

Glasgow Bridge

University of Amsterdam

Joyce, bachelor student in political sciences & Dutch, completed the 'Intensive Dutch Language Course'.

'The course itself and life in the very international city of Amsterdam contributed to a great and informative experience. Due to the structure of the course, the teachers and fellow students, it always felt light and fun.

Living in Amsterdam for a month was also a very cool experience. While finding a place to live posed many challenges, once I arrived, I truly enjoyed Amsterdam City life. I would certainly recommend summer or winter university at a partner school abroad to all students looking to experience something new and exiting.'


Julian, master student of economics, did a course on 'The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem'.

'With Amsterdam being one of the major European hubs for circular economy and systems thinking, the summer school on Circular Cities could hardly have taken place in a better city. The program was developed and executed by the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with Metabolic, a young and dynamic sustainability consultancy based in Amsterdam.

This granted an intriguing mix of academia and practice and created a very hands-on experience of bringing the vision of a circular economy to life. I especially appreciated the interdisciplinarity and internationality of the course.'


Karoline, master student of chemistry, participated in the course 'A Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions'.

'If I had to summarize my experience in a single word, I would say simply amazing. Originally, the summer school “A Peaceful Mind” aims to teach about mindfulness and compassion based on research. However, I learnt so much about life itself and made so many new friends, that I can confidently say that everybody who has a chance to go there should definitely do so. It was a great mix, so it never was boring. And most importantly, the food was super tasty and had a big selection.'

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Lara, master student in educational science, did the course on “Global Cities as Centers of Knowledge Production”.

'Insgesamt war die Summer School an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin eine grossartige und wertvolle Erfahrung, die ich jedem weiterempfehlen würde.

Unser Kurs wurde eher im Stil eines Seminars geführt. Da wir eine sehr spannend durchmischte Gruppe und einen sehr netten und engagierten Professor hatten, waren die Diskussionen sehr anregend und lehrreich. In der Freizeit werden von der HUWISU sehr viele verschiedene kulturelle Aktivitäten durchgeführt, die alle in den Kurskosten inbegriffen sind. So findet am ersten Tag eine Spree-Schifffahrt statt, und ich habe beispielsweise an Touren im Reichstag und im Kanzleramt, einer Stadtführung sowie einer Potsdam-Tour teilgenommen.'


Nami, bachelor student in political science, attended the summer school “Regionalisms - Varieties of Hegemony around the World”. 

'Berlin ist eine tolle Stadt, in der es nie langweilig wird. Es gibt unendlich viele Aktivitäten, die man während seiner Zeit in Berlin unternehmen kann. Die perfekte Balance zwischen den Vorlesungen und den extracurricularen Aktivitäten sorgten dafür, dass es immer abwechslungsreich und spannend blieb.'

University of Birmingham

Sofia, bachelor student of biomedicine, went to the summer school "from Laboratory Bench to Hospital Bedside".

'In these three weeks I have had loads of good experiences. The biomedical science program contained many hours of laboratory work and I think I will be able to make great use of them for my studies at the University of Zurich, where I study biomedicine. But also, the time I spent socializing with the other students from all over the world are part of my amazing and unforgettable memories.

There was also a lot of space to explore the city, to make new friends and to get to know the culture of England. In this way, summer school was also a good opportunity to improve my English and have an insight into cultures of other countries, like Brazil, Hong Kong and USA, through my friends.'


Pamela, bachelor student of English language and literature, participated in the course "British Culture and Heritage".

'Das Programm war sehr vielseitig und super interessant. Das Programm schloss sich zusammen aus Vorlesungen auf dem Campus und Führungen sowie Ausflügen in alle Teile Englands (Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool). Die Professoren, Dozenten und „student ambassadors“ – gleichaltrige Studenten, die uns begleiteten – waren sehr hilfsbereit und standen den Studenten bei allem bei. 

Für den Preis und die Credits lohnt sich der Aufwand und man bekommt sehr viel zu sehen. Es hat wirklich sehr Spass gemacht.'

University of Glasgow

Luise, student in History and German linguistics and literature, attended the course 'History of Christianity in Scotland' at the University of Glasgow.

'We usually had one day school, then one day off and once we went on a weekend trip to the Isle of Iona, which was really beautiful.

Glasgow itself is a fabulous city. The city is just so likeable, all people are friendly and even as a shy person like me you get into conversation with people. What's also great is that in summer there are a lot of festivals etc. that are free.'