University-Wide Agreements

The University of Zurich has a range of bilateral university-wide agreements with partner universities throughout the world.

Bilateral university-wide agreements

In principle, the bilateral university-wide agreements are open to students in all subject areas. Before you apply for one of these universities, please check if the partner university offers your subject and if the subject is open to exchange students on your study level (during the exchange). You have to check that on your own by consulting the fact sheets of the partner universities (see Mobility Online) and by informing yourself on their websites.

When you search for partner universities in Mobility Online, the choice given does not take into account these potential restrictions.

Application Requirements

  • You have to be enrolled at the University of Zurich at the time of applying for the exchange and during the exchange semester/year.
  • Adherence to the general requirements in your field of study, such as appropriate timing (mobility window) and choice of courses.
  • Compliance with the specifications of the partner university (e.g. study cycle, subjects available): These specifications are listed under each university on the fact sheet published on the "Partner Universities" page. 
  • Good skills in the language of instruction at the partner university; TOEFL is generally required for USA and Australia. When submitting your application, the proof of language must not necessarily be equivalent to the one requested by the partner university. Nevertheless you need to show that you are able to follow the class in the language of instruction (e.g. with CAE, CPE, IELTS, longer stays in the language area, list of successfully completed courses in English at UZH, expired proof of language skills will also be accepted). Upon nomination, however, you should take the test required by the partner university right away and submit the certificate in time for the deadline of the partner university.
  • During the exchange you need to be able to earn an equivalent of at least 15 ECTS points that can be accredited towards your degree at UZH.

Matriculation and Semester Fees

As an exchange student, you remain matriculated at the University of Zurich and continue to pay semester fees to the University of Zurich. At almost all partner universities, you are exempt from paying semester fees. An exception is the agreement with Italy, in which the selected universities are free to decide on the exemption.


Depending on the agreement, you may receive financial assistance or free housing from the partner institution, or a financial contribution from the University of Zurich.

Transfer of Credit

Be sure to consult your academic advisor early on to learn about the conditions regarding the accreditation of your of academic achievements completed abroad. You are required to conclude a learning agreement (credit-transfer agreement) – regardless of whether this is specified by your subject area or not.