In a Nutshell

Before the Exchange

Application to UZH

  1. Speak to your academic advisor about the best timing for your exchange, your preferred destination(s), and the courses on offer at the partner university(universities) that would be suitable.
  2. Make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of the relevant language of instruction.
  3. Make use of the information available on your exchange university (fact sheets, websites).
  4. Study the experience reports written by former UZH exchange students and the information available on studying abroad.
  5. Gather all the documents required to apply for nomination and upload them on time and in full in the database "Mobility Online" (university-wide agreements, faculty and institute agreements) or submit them as a PDF file to the International Relations Office (ISEP).

Information on Preparing Language Skills

Experience Reports

Information on Studying Abroad

After Nomination

After being nominated by the International Relations Office, or your faculty or institute, for an exchange program, please take the following steps:

  1. Submit the all required application documents to the partner university within the time prescribed. 
  2. The partner university will decide on your definitive acceptance as an exchange student.
  3. Once you have been accepted as an exchange student by the partner university, please conclude a credit-transfer agreement (note the instructions set by your faculty) and ensure that you have health insurance coverage abroad. The partner university will assist you with immigration formalities and in finding accommodations in the host country.  

During the Exchange

  1. In your role as ambassador of the University of Zurich, you are required to attend any information events or similar events organized for exchange students by the partner university.
  2. Towards the end of your exchange, you will be asked to write your online experience report. You will hear from us by e-mail in due time.

During your exchange semester or exchange year, you remain matriculated at UZH (this is a condition for the exchange).

After the Exchange

  1. Be sure to contact the dean’s office of your faculty with regard to the transfer of credit earned at the partner university.
  2. You are encouraged to participate in events organized by the International Relations Office in order to pass on what you have learned to potential exchange students, and contribute to ESN as far as you can.

ESN Zurich

We are sure that you will return from your exchange with a host of new experiences to share!

We look forward to receiving your application.