Application to the University of Zurich

  1. Within the framework of SEMP, the departmental coordinators are responsible for allocating exchange places and nominating students to the partner universities. They also stipulate the selection process and selection criteria. Please inform yourself well in advance about the requirements and deadlines applicable to your subject of study.
  2. The application has to be handed in on Mobility Online. In the application form you can choose up to three universities from different exchange programs.   
  3. Should you be selected by your departmental coordinator for an exchange program, you will receive an e-mail with an exchange place offer. If you accept the offer, your departmental coordinator will nominate you to the applicable office at the partner university.

Application documents

The following application documents have to be handed in:

  • Letter of motivation: The letter of motivation should consist of at least one A4- and at most two A4-pages. Depending on the departmental coordinator of your subject the letter of motivation has to be issued in German, English or in the teaching language of the host university.
  • Proof of language skills: Please consider the requirements of the departmental coordinator of your subject. If the departmental coordinator does not define any requirements, the proof can also be in the form of an explanation (PDF-document). In this explanation please demonstrate how you plan to achieve the required language skills of the host university until the start of your exchange.
  • German native speakers who apply for an exchange at a partner university in a German speaking country do not have to upload a proof of their language skills (please upload an empty PDF).
  • Current transcript of records
  • Passport-sized photograph (max. 500x500 pixel)
  • A copy of your passport / identity card
  • Proof of your enrolment (e.g. copy of your validated student ID card)
  • Subject-specific documents: Please ask your departmental coordinator if you have to hand in other documents in your subject. 

Registering at the Partner University

  • In addition to the nomination from the departmental coordinator, a separate registration from the student is required by most universities. Please clarify this well in advance. In most cases, you can obtain information from your departmental coordinator or directly from the partner university. Be sure to adhere to the partner university's deadlines!
  • The final decision on your acceptance lies with the partner university. However, students nominated by UZH are generally accepted.

No-Show or Withdrawal from the Exchange

Your registration is binding. Any change brought about by grave reasons must be communicated in writing as early as possible to the partner university, your departmental coordinator and the International Relations Office, stating the reason for the change.