Financing for Short Programs as Summer and Winter Schools

UZH Scholarships for Short Programs at Partner Universities

The University of Zurich offers a limited number of scholarships worth up to CHF 500 for the participation in summer and winter schools at certain UZH partner universities. Due to the current uncertainty, it is unclear if and how scholarships for summer schools in 2021 will be granted. We will inform you as soon as we know more about the process in 2021.

Winter Schools 2020/21

Due to COVID-19, the University of Zurich offers scholarships worth up to CHF 500 for physical participation in winter schools 2020/21 at any university or up to CHF 300 for online participation. You can get a scholarsip even if it is not a partner university of UZH. Please hand in your application for this scholarship by 30 November 2020. The application process and required documents follow the regular process as described below.

The scholarships will be awarded on a "first come, first serve" basis. However, the scholarship will only be granted to students who hand in a proof of their admission to the respective summer/winter program. 

In return, we expect all students who are granted a scholarship to share their experience by handing in an essay including some photos or a short video to be published on our website and Facebook-page. Further information will follow upon the final confirmation of the scholarship.

To apply for a scholarship, please contact as soon as you get an offer to participate in one of the summer or winter schools listed below. Make sure to provide the following information with your application:

  • Name and Adress
  • Course of Study at UZH
  • Student ID Number
  • Hosting University and Title of Short Program
  • Dates of Short Program
  • Confirmation of Admission from Partner University

Further programs eligible for UZH Short Program Scholarships

Scholarships are available for all summer programs offered by member universities of the global network Universitas 21, even if the program is not listed on our website. Please visit the U21 database for International Opportunities for Students to see which programs are on offer by U21 members. To apply for a scholarship for summer programs offered by U21 partners, please contact Make sure to provide the above mentioned information with your application. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships from swissuniversities

The scholarship service run by swissuniversities manages scholarships offered by foreign governments to Swiss students and sometimes to researchers for a stay abroad.
Further information can be found here.

Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation Summer School Grant

Grants for Swiss students who wish to study at a North American or European University during the summer in the following fields:

  • Engineering and Environmental Sciences (which includes bioengineering, but not life science or biology)
  • Medieval Languages and Literature, including all other medieval disciplines (Medieval Studies)
  • Digital Humanities at the intersection of Medieval Disciplines and Computing

Further information can be found here.