UZH Internationalization Strategy

Internationalization as a Strategic Goal of the University

As an internationally renowned research and teaching institution, the University of Zurich forms part of a dynamic global network. Our internationalization strategy for the years 2014–2020 formulates the goals for ensuring UZH's continued global presence in the areas of research and teaching, and for promoting UZH as a whole.

Unanimous Decision

The strategy paper drafted by the International Relations Commission underwent a comprehensive consultation process by the faculty councils and the bodies represented in the Extended Executive Board of the University, after which it was approved by the Executive Board of the University on 28 November 2013. On 3 December 2013, the Extended Executive Board of the University also gave its unanimous approval. 

UZH Internationalization Strategy 2014-2020 (PDF, 163 KB)

Implementing Priority Measures

Launched at the start of 2016, priority measures continue to be implemented. 

International Scholars Center

Set up in February 2016, the International Scholars Center serves doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and academic guests on two of our campuses (City / Irchel).

Promoting Junior Researchers

In line with the Internationalization Strategy, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Theology have been funding short stays abroad for junior researchers since the start of 2016. 

International Visibility and Networking

The International Relations Office works with members of UZH and external partners to support a range of initiatives designed to facilitate networking and increase international visibility. 

International Initiatives

Strategic Partnerships

UZH is intensifying its collaborative efforts by setting up strategic partnerships with select universities and networks. 

Strategic Partnerships

Summer/Winter Schools

The International Relations Office supports established and planned Summer Schools for students at the Bachelor's and Master's level. Current services are listed on the website.

Summer Schools