Strategic Partnership with the University of Geneva


Since mid-December 2017 the University of Zurich and the University of Geneva are officially strategic partners. The rectors of both universities, Professor Michael O. Hengartner (University of Zurich) and Professor Yves Flückiger (University of Geneva), have signed an agreement to form a strategic partnership. This new partnership joins together two universities that are already closely linked. The largest universities in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland already maintain close relationships in research, student exchange or between both executive university boards. Hence, to formalize these links seems to be the next logical step. A close collaboration in the fields of Digital Science and Citizen Science has already been initiated. 

Joint Seed Funding

Since spring 2018, a fund was set up to provide seed money for research projects carried out on a joint basis. Geneva and Zurich faculty are invited to submit proposals for collaborative projects in research and/or teaching (up to two months prior to the start of the project). The call for proposals is open to all disciplines and subjects. The funding is designed to finance the initial phases of joint research projects.

Applications can be submitted all year round. Please find more information on the call for proposals and on the submission process here:

Joint Seed Funding Call (PDF, 106 KB)

Joint Seed Funding Application Form (DOCX, 93 KB)

Joint Seed Money Budget Template (XLSX, 16 KB)

An online application platform will be ready in summer 2020. In the meantime, please send in your application by email to the coordinators of the partnership, Nuné Nikoghosyan and Sara Elmer.