Strategic Partnership with Charles University


The University of Zurich has run a student exchange program with Charles University  for over 20 years. In addition, as a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), the University of Zurich explicitly supports the initiative for closer cooperation between the LERU universities and selected universities in Central and Eastern Europe (referred to as CE7), of which Charles University is one.

With this in mind, both universities have now decided to work even more closely together. On 19 December 2017, the presidents of both universities, Tomas Zima (Charles University), and Michael O. Hengartner (University of Zurich), along with UZH Vice President Christian Schwarzenegger, signed a cooperation agreement for a joint strategic partnership. The longstanding partnership for student mobility between the universities will now be complemented by increased cooperation in the areas of research and teaching. 

LERU-CE7 Initiative

Charles Day 2018

On 3 December 2018 the University of Zurich celebrated its strategic partnership with the Charles University. After academic meetings in the morning, the two presidents revealed a commemorative plate and opened the exhibition "A Second Life" in the Lichthof.

You can find pictures of the event here: Charles Day 2018.

Annual Call for Proposals

In spring 2017, a fund was set up to provide seed money for research projects carried out on a joint basis. The call for proposal for this joint seed funding is issued once a year and funds are awarded in a competitive process. The Call for proposals is open to all disciplines and subjects, and is designed to finance the initial phases of joint research projects.

The following activities are funded:

  • Research workshops
  • Short research stays (for established researchers and junior researchers alike)
  • Research-based teaching projects as well as block seminars at Master’s and PhD level
  • Mobility in setting up joint research projects

NEW: Follow-up funding

This year, successful candidates of the spring 2018 call can apply for a second line of funding. This closed call for proposals shall enable joint seed project teams of the previous year to further elaborate on their work and prepare a solid substance for third-party funding. 

Applications and Deadlines

Applications may be submitted by professors of the University of Zurich and Charles University. Applications may be submitted annualy, on 31 March. The proposed activities should be conducted within 12 months of the proposal submission. The application must be submitted with the fully completed application form and all required documents simultaneously and in electronic form to the applicable coordination offices at the University of Zurich and Charles University.


A maximum of EUR 3,000 is awarded per application.

The funds may not be used for:

  • Salary costs
  • Overhead costs
  • Tuition fees

Report and Expenses Statement

After the project is completed, the project manager submits the final report and a detailed statement of expenses with original receipts to the home university. The final report must be submitted no later than six weeks after project completion. Only real costs incurred will be reimbursed. If the total amount has not been used, the project manager is obliged to return the remaining funds.