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START! Study – Film

Testimonials of START! Study

Muska, former participant
I took the opportunity to participate in START! Study an integration pre-course at UZH and it gives me a positive and hopeful feeling every day. It provides me with a good learning environment, supportive professors, friendly classmates and helpful administration. Although I have a master's degree from my home country, it is difficult to find a job. This has impacted my self-confidence. But since I started participating in START! Study, I am getting closer to my goals of continuing my studies and finding a job in my field here in Switzerland.




Tom, former participant
The integration program START! Study opened the doors to education for me. My greatest wish in Switzerland was to enjoy equal freedoms. Despite my difficult asylum situation and the obstacles I faced because of my passport, freedom for me means having the right to study and express my opinion. And now, here at the University of Zurich, I am studying Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration and I am grateful for being able to realize my educational dreams. I am infinitely grateful to UZH for not only putting words equality into action, but actively working towards it. A tribute to the dignity and worth of every human being.

UZH Team Effort Award 2021

The project team of START! Studium has received the UZH Team Effort Award 2021. The Team Effort Award is presented at the Dies academicus and recognizes the special commitment of employees or students. The START! Study project team is very pleased about this sign of appreciation, which not only honors the work of the project team, but also the entire commitment of UZH to the integration of refugees into Higher Education.

  • Link to the laudatory speech