Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records

Exchange students who have booked modules during their stay in Zurich can download their transcript in the UZH student portal/launchpad. The transcript lists the grades for all the courses you booked at UZH, including those you did not pass.

The transcript is available for download at the beginning of March (for the previous fall semester) or at the beginning of October (for the previous spring semester).

You can also order a printed version of the transcript for a fee through the student portal/launchpad. This document will be sent to the address you have inputted in the UZH database. Please make sure to check the address and change it if necessary. 

Summary of Credits

As soon as your grades have been recorded in the system, you can also view the summary of credits online.

Summary of Credits

Questions regarding your transcript?

With questions regarding the transcript of records, please refer to the dean's office of your faculty, or to your academic advisors / SEMP departmental coordinators. 

Deans' Offices

Academic Advisors

SEMP Departmental Coordinators

Transfer of Credits

Your home university is responsible for the recognition of the credits you earned at UZH.