Housing in Zurich

Finding suitable accommodations in Zurich can be difficult: Apartments are scarce and prices are high. As a city university, UZH does not provide on-campus living. We do, however, reserve a limited number of rooms for exchange students. 

Housing for Exchange Students

The rooms reserved for exchange students from our partner universities are administered by the Housing Office of the University and ETH Zurich. The International Relations office provides exchange students with the necessary information about registering online for a room.

Useful Information

The Housing Office also publishes an overview of useful addresses for reasonably-priced accommodation as well as for affordable living on short notice.

Housing Office of the University and ETH Zurich

Housing offers can also be found on the various notice boards in the University buildings. Another useful link for international students who are looking for accommodation in Zurich is the UZH/ETH online marketplace (Marktplatz).

Online Marketplace (most advertisements are in German)

Temporary Arrangments

The youth hostel, the City Backpacker, and the Hotel Langstars are low-cost options for temporary living arrangements:

Youth Hostel

City Backpacker

Oldtown Hostel Otter