Study and Living Expenses for Students (per Month)

Living expenses are, of course, individual. Nonetheless these figures (in Swiss francs) can be regarded as a useful frame of reference:

Item Budget
Rent  620.-
Related costs (often included in rent) 50.-
Meals 450.-
Health and other insurance 100.-
Transportation 100.-
Clothing, laundry, personal items  100.-
Free time, miscellaneous  150.-
Study Materials 0.- to 50.-
Total 1'620.-

The expected minimum cost of living for exchange students comes to a total of CHF 1'620.- per month. Tuition fees for exchange students from partner universities are waived. 

Financial Aid

The Heyning-Roelli Foundation offers scholarships to exchange students from partner universities of the University of Zurich with limited financial means. For information on how to apply, please refer to their website.

Heyning-Roelli Foundation