In a nutshell

Are you a student at one of UZH's partner universities who would like to study one or two semesters at our University? You will find the most important information below.

Participation in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme

In order come to UZH for one or two semesters with the Swiss-European Mobility Programme, you need to be nominated by your home university within the frame of an exchange agreement.

Duration of the Exchange

A student exchange for studies may last from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12 months.

Language of Instruction

The main language of instruction at UZH is German. In many fields of study there is a range of courses held in English. Philologies are usually taught in the respective language.

Please ask the Departmental Coordinator in your field of study about the language of instruction and respective requirements.

List of Departmental Coordinators

Tuition Fees

Students coming to UZH with the Swiss-European Mobility Programme stay enrolled at their home university. They are not charged a tuition fee for UZH.


Your application for an exchange in the frame of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme is also an application for a grant financed by the Swiss Confederation. However, your acceptance as an exchange student at UZH is no guarantee that you will receive such a grant.

As a precondition to receive a grant you must sign a grant agreement and submit it to us within due time. Accepted exchange students will receive this document and further information in June (begin of the exchange in the fall semester) or December (begin of the exchange in the spring semester).

The grants for the academic year 2019/20 amount to between 1900.- and 2200.- Swiss Francs per semester.

Extra Scholarship for Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs can apply for additional subsidies to cover the extra costs that incur during their exchange due to their handicap. If you want to make use of this option, please contact us or the UZH Disability Office.

Website Disability Office

Learning Agreement

Before your student exchange at UZH begins, you need to prepare a Learning Agreement to hand in at your home university. This document serves to establish the recognition of credits you earn at UZH by your home university.

You must submit a scan of your complete Learning Agreement to the International Office at UZH through Mobility Online. You can use the template of either your home university or UZH:

SEMP Information Sheet and Template for the Learning Agreement IN (DOCX, 47 KB)