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Austausch - IN


09/10 SS


Singapore - National University of Singapore


Mathematik (8160)

Overall Impression

Switzerland is a wonderful country, especially the Zurich city, with beautiful views and convenient transportations. Zurich is a quiet, peaceful city, people love to take a break with a cup of coffee under sunshine. Exchange to the University of Zurich is very interesting and has been a good experience. I learned a lot and really like to stay here.People here are very friendly and  helpful.  In everyday life, I enjoy in reading in the library, jogging alone the riverside and chatting with people who are from different countries in the kitchen. I felt relax here.


I just followed the instructions my home university gave me. Prepared all the documents we need, like stuay plan, modules mapping, banking proof, etc. After these, I applied the accommodation in Zurich, through WOKO website. Here I want to thank Ms. Sandra Kaufmann, who really helped me a lot and gave me many good advises via e-mails.


It was a really long journey from China to Switzerland. WOKO sent me a detail route about how to get to my hostel. I felt tired when I arrived my room due to the time lag and two heavy suitcases. I met new friends in hostel, they told me the nearest supermarket, so I started my new life in Zurich very fast.


The accommodation WOKO provided is very good. It is a hostel, all people here are exchange students, master and PhD from ETH or UZH. Single room with basin. Large kitchen, laundry and dinner room in the first floor. I often cook with my friends, and share food. It takes about 30 mins to UZH mainbuilding and about 20 mins to Irchel. All in all, very convenient!


University of Zurich is great. Lecturers are friendly and patient to answer my questions. Lectures are interesting and useful.

Irchel is so amazing. I cannot describe my feeling when I saw the place at first time. I cannot believe that the university is built so closed to the nature, just like walking into a fairy tale. I like the lake, the grass, the trees, all the things in the beatiful picture.  Kids and dogs are playing around, old people sit in the sunshine. So warm, so lovely...

The math library in Irchel (Y27) is a good place for study. Rent a badge at the information counter first, otherwise you cannot get in it. 


Every Thursday afternoon, I play badminton in Irchel, and there I know more friends, a lovely uncle Oleg, he always arranges everything for us. I learned how to ski in Febuary. Don't waste the opportunity to travel in Europe. We went to France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco in Easter Holidays. We also went to Lausanne, Geneva in weekends, and enjoy a hotspring in Konstanz, Germany. One thing I want to remind my friends who are planning to travel, be careful about the robber and thief, I had a bad experience in Paris...

I cook a lot, all materials could be bought in supermarket. The only thing I don't like is the market close so early, and closed on Sunday. Remeber to bring a bag with you, don't waste the plastic bags, protect our environment.