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07/08 WS


København - Københavns Universitet


Biologie (8540)

Overall Impression

I really enjoyed my stay at the univesity of Zürich. The level of teaching was jut right, everybody was very nice and welcoming and I think it was great that I could participate in the events arranged by ESN even though I wasn't an ERASMUS student. I think the attitude towards foreign students was very positive. All the staff and students I met found it very interesting to hear about Denmark and Danish culture, and they were all very helpful. I didn't at all feel like I was 'just another foreign student'! People really made an effort in order to help me and make me feel comfortable. My German was not very good when I arrived, but it improved at lot. Mainly due to the fact that I insisted on speaking German with everybody and they all had the patients to help me do that. Additionally, I found it very impressive that I as a biology student had the opportunity to take classes at ETH as well. I took one class there and it went very smoothly. I really appreciate that I had the opportunity to attend classes at both universities. 

All in all a great exchange at the university of Zürich! 


Obviously it takes a lot of prepartion to do an exchange. But compared to what I have heard from friend who have done exchange other places I think that Uni Zürich is a very good place to go. I have only met helpful people. Even before I arrived the people working at the office for international affairs were very helpful.


I was very surprised about the language when I arrived. I didn't expect Swiss German to be that much different from High German, but the fact that everybody speaks High German comforted me and made everything so much easier.


I tried hard to find a place to live before I arrived but with no luck. I almost said yes to a place I hadn't seen which turned out to be something else that what the landlady told me! So be careful when you can't go ad see the people and the place! I ended up spending 10 days at a hostel in the city which was not fun at all (especially when I had to do homework for my German course), but I got to know the city in a different way because I lived right in the center. It was much easier to find a place to live once I was there and could actually go and see the places and the people.


I was very confused about which courses I could take. The organisation of the semester had just changed when I arrived so everything on the web page was out of date. Luckily the student advisor helped me out. He was very nice and took all the time for me that I needed. I was really impressed by that and very reliefed. This meant that I ended up having some highly relevant and interesting courses at just the right level. Perfect!


I simply loved the free gyms and sports facilities/activities at the university! I think all universities should have that. It was a nice way to start or end the day at uni.

I think it's great that all exchange students are cared for by ESN. That made sure that we were one big group instead of ERASMUS-students and non-ERASMUS-students. I really liked the fact that we were mixed with the exchange students from ETH as well. Especially because I made some very good friends in the German course and we would still keep seeing each other at ESN-events.

I'm glad I managed to find a WG with some Swiss people. We had many conversations about Swiss food, culture, politics and so on. It was a great way to get into the Swiss culture and I got to practice my German at home as well.