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Austausch - OUT


16/17 SS


Kingston - Queen’s University


Management and Economics (3022)


It was a great and unforgettable experience to me to have an exchange semester at Queen's. The campus is beautiful and the people are nice. Even though Kingston is quite a small town and the winter in Canada is quite cold, there were different kinds of activities and events almost every week so you would never feel bored. 


If you're going in January, do not forget to bring your winter coat and boots. The temperature there could be minus 20 degrees and the road could be very slippery due to snow or freezing rains.

Regarding to the registration, you can follow the instructions sent by the dean's office of Queen's. Feel free to contact them if you have any question. They are all very kind and are willing to help you with all your questions.


I flew to Toronto Pearson International Airport from Zurich. There are several ways to go to Kingston from Toronto airport.

1. Megabus. (around 55 CAD) 

You might need to check the timetable, the latest one leaves at 18:00. The bus stops at the center of Kingston.

2. Take the Express to Union Station, then take the train. (around 120 CAD)

The train station is not in the center of Kingston, so you might need to take a bus or taxi to go to your place.

3. Ride share. (around 35 CAD)

There's a FaceBook group for ride share in Kingston. Since you just arrive in Canada, it's hard to pre-arrange a ride share. You may take it next time when you commute to Toronto. 


I recommend to live close to the campus. It is because the weather could be terrible sometimes in winter and the public transportation in Kingston is not that convenient. Life would be much easier if you live close to the campus and walk to school (like within 5 minutes' walk).

I found my place on Facebook in the group created for all the students in the MIB program. Since there will always be some students going out for their exchange semesters, it should not be too difficult to find a place. 


Queen's University is one of the best universities in Canada. Its business school is quite successful and has a good ranking in the world. I quite like the atmosphere during class. The professors conducted their courses in different ways, like group competition, watching movie, etc. It's not just about theories, but also about practices. You will be encouraged to participate in discussion, group work and practices during which you can learn a lot.


During my exchange semester, there were only courses from Monday to Wednesday. So you have much more time to plan by yourself. But it doesn't mean you have nothing to do, because there were many reading materials and some projects you need to spend time to research and prepare. 

Basically there is at least one event every week organised by the department. There are also other events organised by other departments of the university. You can go and watch a hokey game, you can also travel to other cities nearby during the weekend.

It's a small town and it's quite cold in winter, but there's a lot to explore and discover. I heard it was beautiful in Summer, didn't get chance to see it yet :)