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Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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My experiences in Hong Kong and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) were troughout positive. Retrospectively I can state that applying for a spot in the exchange program with PolyU was one of the best decisions in my academic career. I got a spot and spent a semester studying at the department Master of Finance.


There was not to much preparation necessary. Just follow the steps in the e-mail. In case of any questions the buddy sistem can be helpful or otherwise just send me an e-mail.


I arrived early and stayed in a hotel, which was fine. Not sure what else I suppose to write here. 


Make sure to apply for accomodation at the halls so there is no search for a flat or a room necessary. Rental rates are very high in Hong Kong.



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University made a well organized impression. The campus offers modern and generous facilities. These are a well equipped library with sufficient space even in the exam period, sport facilities (gym, swimming pool, tennis...) and a selection of cafeterias, where students can dine very well for little money. Exchange students are eligible to live at the student halls, which offer a range of good facilities themselves. I would strongly recommend any students to apply for a spot at the student halls because housing is quite expensive in Hong Kong.

The classes at PolyU: 

In general the classes are more interactive at PolyU compared to UZH this is probably also due to the smaller classes (usually <30). In most courses the professors would ask a lot of questions, group work is involved and for the final assessment presentations and/or hand-ins like essays are required. Classes I booked and would recommend to others are: “Key Issues of China Business”, “Economics of Financial Analysis” and “Principles of Corporate Finance”. In my courses most of my class mates where from Mainland China. Working together in a group with people from a very different culture poses many initial difficulties, but this experience is one that can help me in the future. The workload was comparable to classes at UZH. In general I think that passing a course is easier at PolyU.


Hong Kong offers everything an exchange student could wish for. There is the busy and loud inner city with many skyscrapers and in contrast to that many quiet places with almost untouched nature where people can hike or enjoy the pacific ocean. The climate in Hong Kong is very warm and comfortable. For me Hong Kong is the best destination when it comes to food. There are restaurants with cuisine from all over the world in any price category. Most students would eat out every day because restaurants are very affordable.  

The public transportation system is very well developed and efficient. If future students would like to get a good value for money sim card I can recommend “Kumsta KA” in the CSL net. With this card I had unlimited internet for HDK 100 per month. Hong Kong is very convenient as hub to travel. In my time in Hong Kong I have made a few trips to Mainland China and other close places in Asia. Especially my trip to Myanmar was very nice and I would recommend any future Exchange students to go there.