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Kingston - Queen’s University


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My exchange at the Queens University was an incredible experience I don’t want to miss. The University has a great campus and the lecture style more interactive. There are a lot of student organizations that are very engaged in organizing trips and parties for exchange students. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, so you will have no problem to meet new people and make some great friends. The location of Kingston makes it possible to travel a lot which is definitely a big plus. An exchange is an awesome experience you will never forget. Just remember that Canadian winters can get quite cold - so get your winter jacket, some warm boots and off you go.  


In order to apply for the exchange at Queens, you need to take the TOEFL test (Cambridge is not accepted). Once you are accepted it is pretty straightforward: Book your flight, look for an accommodation and let the UZH know which courses you want to take. In addition, the Queens Exchange office will get in touch with you and tell you what else you will have to do to finish the application process.


Kingston has an airport, so it is possible to get a connection flight from Toronto to Kingston. You should be aware that the airport is incredibly small, and so is the plain that is flying there. I found it quite convenient but if you are not comfortable with flying you should probably go for another option. Most people take the bus (Megabus) from Toronto to Kingston. It is also possible to take the train. Before your semester starts, there will be and introduction day where you will get all the important information and have the opportunity to meet other exchange students.


During the spring semester there are a lot of rooms available because many Queens students are on exchange as well and are subletting their room. The semester starts early in January and it can get quite cold. Therefore, you should try to get a room close to the University – max. 15 min walking distance should be easy to get. Although there is the possibility to get a room in a dorm, I would suggest subletting a room from a local because it is a great way to get to know new people and those rooms are often cheaper and closer to the University.   


The Queens University is a very well respected University with a great campus. The lectures are quite different from the one at the UZH, especially in the master program. The courses are more interactive and the content is more soft skill related. Your finial grade will not be determined by a final exam; rather you will have different types of assessments, presentations and group work throughout the semester. In most of the classes you will get a participation grade. As a result of the grading system, you will be quite busy during the semester and you are also somehow depended on the quality of your group – since some of the exchange students just have to pass a course. But the system also has its advantages. You will learn a lot about working in an international team, improve your presentation skills, and have a more relaxed end of the semester because you mostly don’t have a final exam.


Kingston is a rather small town with limited activities. Nevertheless, the Queens University has a great sports center and student organizations are hosting a lot of events and trips. The location of Kingston is great for travelling. Within two hours you can reach Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. If you are spending a bit more time in the car/bus, you can easily get to Boston, New York and Quebec. You definitely should take advantage of that and spend some weekends away from Kingston. Furthermore, in the spring semester you will have a week off. Most students use this week to catch some sun and warmer temperatures in Cuba, Miami or Mexico.