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Erasmus - OUT


16/17 WS


Wien - Universität Wien


Volkswirtschaftslehre (3020)


My exchange program was awesome, the city was wonderful and you meet a lot of people from around the world. The experience is amazing. University was good too with interesting lectures, nevertheless one small negative point, the organisation for registration to exams and for the lectures was bad. The number of lectures in English is much lower than in German.


If you are not willing to pay a lot for accommodation, it is important to start looking early. Otherwise, you are well coached for registration in Austria and at university. Be aware that some particular lectures need an additional registration for the exam. 


You have the possibility to take some German classes before the beginning of the semester, it is a possibility to meet new people. If you do not reside in a dorm, you should definitely attend the ESN events at the beginning to meet people.

Try to go as soon as you arrive at the welcoming day to get your student ID so you can buy your transportation ticket as soon as possible. 


As mentioned before, you should start quite early. You should pay in a range of 300-450€. The best locations are bezirk 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,15 not to be too far from University and the city center. Moreover, a location close to an underground is practical to gain time.


Main building is really impressive. Be aware of registration for different kinds of lectures.


A lot of possibilities, as you can go to the opera, theater, museum, cafés, cinema... Possibility to eat in some cheap take away or in some markets. During the winter there are Christmas markets everywhere and January is the starting period for all the balls in the Hofburg!

There are different bars and clubs to go out with different kinds of music. The ESN events will offer you an overview of those places.