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Erasmus - OUT


15/16 SS


Leuven - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Betriebswirtschaftslehre (3010)


I had a very good time in Leuven. The city is just perfect for a semester abroad as everything is very close and it almost only consists of students. Furthermore, the university has very high level and quality of education, wherefore it is comparable to the university of Zurich. 


There were some things to prepare in advance such as application, learning agreement, Anrechnungsvereinbarung, finding an accomodation, etc. But it was all very clear and not as time-consuming as i first expected.


I arrived at my accommodation with a private airport shuttle from the Brussels airport. In addition, my buddy from the KU Leuven was very helpful in providing information about how to best arrive. He as well offered me to pick me up from the station if I didn't arrive with the shuttle. 


I applied for a private accommodation in the middle of Leuven and was very lucky to find a room within only 2 hours. Furthermore, my buddy was very helpful in providing me with information about where to find information about accommodations and about the streets where it is nicest to live. 


The KU Leuven is comparable to the university of Zurich in terms of the range of material in the lectures and the level of education. But the exams were quite different as they lasted longer and it was more about case studies. Furthermore, I didn't find the exam sessions very well organized compared to Zurich. There was no instructor telling us when we were allowed to start and one time it wasn't even clear how long the exam will last. In addition, I made a bad experience with a group work as I didn't find the writing skills and involvement of the other students (some Belgians and one French) appropriate. But overall it was a very nice academic experience and I would recommend it to everybody.


There are a lot of possibilities of how to enjoy the leisure time in Leuven: sports offer of the KU Leuven during the semester, Pangaea (international meeting centre) and Oude Markt (square with a lot of pubs). I made use of all of it, mainly together with my international friends.