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Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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I had an amazing time in Hong Kong. Hong Kong as a city is very international and there are a lot of cultural activities to explore as well as delicious foods to try. The atmosphere of the city is vibrant and exciting. The PolyU University exchange program was well-organized and there was even a big dorm on campus with many exchange students. I also enjoyed the PolyU program because there were a lot of other exchange students from all over the world (majority of the exchange students were from Germany, France, and Scandinavia). I took part in the master program at PolyU and I had a great time. I highly recommend studying abroad here.


I highly recommend applying to the student housing on time in July at PolyU because it is much cheaper than if you live on your own. In addition, when you register for classes, make sure to give your contact at the university a list of pre-approved classes that you would like to take. He or she will help you by email. Then, in the middle of July, you will have to officially register for your courses and your housing. I was in the master program, so my course registration was first-come first-served (but the bachelor program is not first-come first-served). Therefore, you should make sure that you apply for your courses the day you are allowed to in July, to ensure that you get the courses you need. 


I also recommend packing some warm clothes because in December, Hong Kong can get very cold. However, in August, it is extremely hot there. Also, most exchange students did not open a bank account because they used the ATM machines. It is hard to open a bank account in Hong Kong when you are only there for 4+ months because the process of opening the bank account takes over 1 month. 


If you live in the student housing, then you pay around 600 CHF for 4 months of living in Hong Kong. However, if you find your own room, then you might pay 800 CHF each month. The student dorm is considered subsidized housing which was a highlight because we only paid around 150 CHF/month for rent in a very expensive city in terms of rent. The student dorm is a great way to meet other exchange students, and organize things from going out to lunch, or going out to party. It is more inconvenient if you do not live at the student dorm because almost every exchange student lives in the same big dorm and they usually meet at the student dorm. Also, there are laundry machines within the dormitory, and there is also a cheap cafeteria within the dormitory. It is very convenient. 


The University was located in the heart of the city, and was right next to Tsim Tsa Tsui and only 15 minutes by bus to Causeway Bay and Central. I appreciated the location because no other university is so centrally located in Hong Kong. Also, the classes were mostly interesting and not as rigorous as the classes at the UZH. I was in the master program in the School of Accounting and Finance. I took the following courses: AF5344 Investments, AF5625 Chinese Economy and Business Strategies, and MM5251 Cross-Cultural Management. My favorite class was Chinese Economy and Business Strategies because most of the people in my class were from mainland China and my peers' views added to the insight I gained from the lectures. The class size at PolyU is smaller than the class size at the UZH and more participation is required. There were about 30 people in each of my classes and there is much more group presentations required. For example, in my Cross-Cultural Management class, we were required to complete 4 group presentations. 

There is also a library on campus where a lot of students choose to study. It has a nice cafe and I can recommend going there. Also, there are at least four different places to eat on campus and the campus is quite big but compact. The price of food on campus is very reasonable (about 2.5 - 3 CHF per meal). 


I organized my schedule at PolyU to maximize my free time at the end of the week because I was eager to travel around Asia. I was on a budget but I still managed to see a lot of great places because of the cheap rent at the student dorm and the cheap flights from low-cost carriers. I recommend checking flights from HKexpress, Hong Kong Airlines, Scoot, and AirAsia for cheap flights around Asia. I also explored new food and sightseeing opportunities around Hong Kong. I particularly liked seeing Stanley Market, and the amazing view from Victoria Peak. I also spent my free time meeting new exchange students, hiking in Hong Kong, reading, and going out. The time in Hong Kong was overall very exciting.