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Beijing - Tsinghua University


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China and in particular Beijing are a must if wanting to experience the drive of a growing economy - it is a unique experience as teaching, work load and life style differ very much from what used to in Europe or at the University of Zurich.

 Overall, China is an interesting experience: people are broad-minded, but I do not recommend people to go there if afraid of extreme experiences including eating duck heads, pigs' brains, bad smells or pollution - for all those, who love to see new things, being exposed to a new and different culture: GO THERE, it is a unique experience that may help you to understand more of a part of the world being rather new to many of us.  


In contrast to many fellow students, I had no special preparations, but here are a few important details:

 - book your flight early in advance (even if Tsinghua needs a while to confirm) as flights are often well-booked

- take care of the relevant vaccines

- VISA (takes around 4-5 days) 


When arriving you will have to get to the university:

 Tsinghua offers assistance on special dates so you get to campus safely.

If unable to take this assistance, take a taxi and tell them to go to

Tsinghua Daxue

Zijing Shijiu Hao Lou


You will pay approximately 100-120 Yuan (no BLACK Taxis, only take official ones) 


Tsinghua offers on-campus accommodation (which is booked out within minutes, so be FAST): it is cheap, comfortable (the campus is large, being on campus means less distances to take). Despite this, Tsinghua offers a new program in the Asian Youth Center (by invitation only - I participated: cool experience)

Cons: doors close at midnight and no visitors after 11pm. 

If you want to stay off-campus : look for rooms in Wudaokou - more expensive but no restrictions. 


The university is the best in China: they will hence expect a lot if you want to take courses serious. Plenty of homework and group assignments, presentations, mid-terms and final examinations. Despite the high work-load, it is fun there: many cafeterias, a lot of sport facilities including basketball, badminton, football and tennis courts, a gym and swimming pool. A hospital is on campus as well (only recommended if nothing serious - it is advised to go to other hospitals if feeling seriously sick).

Overall: with your Swiss education, you are more than prepared to get good grades at Tsinghua - just do not forget to study for your exams. It is a fair game for everyone, who does the necessary work. Chinese exams differ a bit in their structure: although understanding is a major part in their study focus, it is of notable importance to know the slides well and do some exercises. Moreover, many classes include an in-class participation score (5-10% of the overall score), so you better participate a bit. 


When not studying, the university offers many clubs, associations and sport facilities. Bars and restaurants can be reached within ten minutes by bike or taxi (Wudaokou, Bars and restaurants: La Bamba, Lush, Steps, Windows, Sugar Shack and Eatalia. Clubs: Global Club, Wu Club (our home base and the coolest club in Wudaokou), Sensation, Propaganda and Vu Club). ATTENTION: bad alcohol might be sold.

If you want better alcohol, cooler bars and clubs, I recommend to try especially Sanlitun: Blue Frog, The Opposite House, 8MM (to my opinion the best club in Beijing), Apothecary (great drinks), Revolution (great drinks with a retro Chinese design), Element, True Color, 5F, Sparks, Lantern (only crowded after 2am), Circle, Liv (a manager of them studies a Tsinghua!!).

By the way: Chinese clubs differ from European clubs as having many tables and only a little dance floor. IT IS FUN, don't worry, you will get used to it quickly.

Other destinations are Houhai and Guloudajie (restaurants especially, you can EVEN FIND FONDUE).

MY LAST PIECE OF ADVICE: try KTV at least once with your friends and your Chinese friends in particular.