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Adelaide - The University of Adelaide


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I spent a great time in Adelaide. I would recommend everyone to do an exchange semester. The provided insight into a different culture which is not only impacted by the australian people but by many people from all over the world, might be of greater value for your life and career. Adelaide is a pretty city which is not too busy but very comfortable to study and for travelling. It is located in South Australia. During your two weeks mid-semester break you are able to hire a camper van to travel to the outback which costs you much less than booking a flight. After the semester you can do the great ocean road and the east cost to see some other parts of the country so you are able to receive some impressions of the big variety of Australia. On the weekends you can do trips to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills  or visit Barossa Valley to taste some of the best Australian wines.


Better start early with the preparation for your exchange semester. Try to do the required TOEFL  or other language tests needed already in the beginning or before the semester. The University of Adelaide offers a big range of courses, that makes it easy to find compatible courses for the transcript of records. Once you got accepted by the University of Zurich the following procedure of the University of Adelaide is just formality which can take some time. With the letter of confirmation you also get offered student accommodations and information about the required student number which is needed to apply for your visa. The university deadlines were in my case not correct and I was afraid I need to cancel my booked flight due to the delays.  But once I was able to apply for the visa, I got granted a visa 30 minutes later.


 On your arrival there is a pick up service offered by the accommodation service of the University. You have to book this service in advance. The University is in general very welcoming to exchange students in terms of offering orientation weeks and other support when ever needed. After the long flight you need probably a long good sleep. On the next day I would recommend you to buy a sim card of the cheapest mobile phone provider called amaysim which has really good offers. The shop is located at Rundle Mall.


I did not book the urbanest like the most of the other exchange students do. I wanted to live together with local students. A good way if you want to look for your own accommodation is that you book for the first week a room over the University of Adelaide accommodation service which allows you to look for rooms and visit the places. I found my room already a few days before my arrival but have not send any money. In general what I experienced you can be pretty sure that no scams are operating on the University of Adelaide accommodation service webpage. So you could even consider already paying the bond in advance.

You can get much nicer accommodation in houses,  which can be also located in the city center, for less money than in urbanest. I would really recommend you to arrive maybe 2-3 days before the orientation week so you can find the best accommodation for you in Adelaide which is really easy. I know nobody who had not found a convenient room by the end of the orientation week. 


The University of Adelaide has 25000 students and is therefore one of the biggest university of Australia. The classes are much smaller then in Switzerland only about 50 students listen to the same lecture.

The  university focuses on having a lot of interaction between lecturers and students. Due to that you have to hand in every week assignments or to give  presentations which count for your final grad. Therefore it is not so easy to travel during your semester hence it is good to plan some extra time for it after the exams. The final exams are mostly worth around 50 % since you also have mid-term exams beside the weekly assignments. Most of the mid-terms are redeemable, meaning the mark of your mid-term exam does not count if you do better in your final exam. 

On account to the workload you are not allowed to do more than 4 subjects per semester which is equal 12 units or 30 ECTS.

In general the university  maintains a futuristic infrastructure with conference rooms and the latest computers for students. Also private lessons and coaching is freely available.

 The university building is situated next to the River Torrens and and still in the city, you may enjoy some very nice take away food in an extraordinary  beautiful setting.


Many events are being organised by  ESN Adelaide. You can sing up for wine tasting at the Barrossa Valley or to go to Victor Harbour for whale watching. Every Friday they offer different culinary dishes with an entertainment program from the particular country.

For just 95 $ you can get a membership at the Fitnesshub of the University. One of the best investments you can do for your upcoming semester. You will have plenty of time to do sports. To improve your cardio you can also join the Nike Running Club which activities take place twice a week.