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Big Wave Bay

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Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Betriebswirtschaftslehre (3010)


My exchange semester at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was a full success in terms of cultural experience. Never before was I confronted with people from so many different nationalities. This is because Hong Kong is considered as Asians most international city, which can clearly be seen when you walk the streets. As Hong Kong is very traditional but at the same time international, it was a perfect start to get to know one of Asian's most profound cultures, without experiencing a severe culture shock compared to western culture. In addition, the central location within Asia gives the opportunity to explore all kinds of other Asian countries. Therefore, to everyone who's never been to Asia, I can highly recommend Hong Kong for an exchange semester.


There is only some administrative preparations needed like register for email address and logins as well as choosing and booking courses. Contact with the university staff in case of questions was always easy and fast. Apart from that, personal preparations probably need the most time, as going abroad for a full semester does obviously require some things to be taken care of. 


Thanks to the buddy system, I got picked up at the airport by my buddy. He took me to the student dorm, helped me with the registration and gave me all information needed about the dorm and the campus. I heard from many exchange student that they also had a similar positive experience. However, some did not get picked up by their buddy, which might have made their arrival a little less pleasant. As Hong Kong uses English as an official language it should not be difficult to find the dorm yourself though.


The university guarantees a bed in a two person shared room for every exchange student. You can choose to live with a local student, another exchange student from anywhere or another exchange student from the same country. The best cultural experience is probably living with a local student, but it might not be the easiest one as there are huge differences between the locals in terms of openness and social skills. Living with another exchange student makes it more easy to join activities with exchange students together. The dorm facilities are very convenient: there is a new canteen, a gym, laundry as well as study, computer and music rooms, and this all in one building. The area where the dorm is located is also full of restaurants and shops, and it takes only 10mins to walk to campus.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of Hong Kong's top universities, and also one of the largest. Especially some programs have a very good reputation, e.g. design or logistics.


Hong Kong has pretty much everything to offer. There is the vibrant and busy Hong Kong Island, including famous shopping district Causeway Bay and the nightlife districts Wan Chai and LKF. Those are all reached within 20-30mins from the student dorm. For outdoor lovers, there are plenty of hikes with breathtaking views of the city, mountains and islands. But for me one of the best things was, that you can reach a surfing beach within 1-1.5hrs. Therefore, in Hong Kong you can take a class at PolyU in the morning, go surfing in the afternoon and party all night long in LKF. Mostly compared with New York, Hong Kong really never sleeps.