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Shanghai - Fudan University - School of Economics


Volkswirtschaftslehre (3020)


The exchange-semester here in University of Zurich is really an incredible experience. Everything has a great appeal to me due to the different cultures and backgrounds. Although the language here is a bit challenge for me, it’s still very convenient to live here since most people speak wonderful English and I find myself quickly get used to the environment. Zurich is a very beautiful city, especially when you walking around the Limmat River with the sunshine on your face. However, the most impressive thing to me is her very well-organized system. From the classification of garbage to the punctuality of the transportation, everything is perfectly organized. People here are very nice and zealous as well as earnest, you can always resort to people around you when you have any problems and they will always kindly answer your questions.

Moreover, the University of Zurich is such a great institution that has provided a very different atmosphere which makes me feel both relaxed and eager to learn. The one-semester study has not only prepared me to step further in my area of economic study but also equipped me with some practical instruments to combine the academic study with the real world.

In general, I am very pleased to study here and get to know the culture here. Thanks to the Zurich Financial Services Group which has provided us with the scholarship, it makes my life as good as it can possibly be. The half year study in Zurich will definitely be an unforgettable experience in my life.



In my home university, during the nomination, we need to hand in some application documents and go through an interview. After being selected as one of the exchange students in the University of Zurich, I was soon contacted by Ms. Sandra Kaufmann, the coordinator from the International Relation Office in UZH. Sandra is very kind and she has informed us of all the documents we need for the program, including the study plan, the course you would like to take and so on. She has provided a great help during our preparation process. Actually, not only during the preparation but also after we came to Zurich, we always resort to Sandra for help. She is so nice. You will be fully informed of all the information and during the preparation you will also be reached by ESN, a good organization for exchange student, which will also provide a lot of help in your life. All the processes are very smooth and you will receive a lot of support during the process.



I arrived in Zurich on 1st August. Since I participated in the summer school organized by the International Lake Constance University IBH, I stayed in Constance in Germany for one month. This one month is also a great experience for me not only because I started to learn German happily but also I have made a lot of friends from all over the world. At the end of August, I came back to Zurich, and was picked up by my buddy at the main station who brought me to my dormitory. She has helped me a lot by contacting my apartment supervisor.


I felt fortunate to be given accommodation assistance by WOKO, who assigned a room for me before my arrival. Given the current housing situation in Zurich, this was a huge help. With the help of WOKO, I have got a very comfortable place to live in. it is a flat in Bülachhof with three other exchange students and we share a kitchen and two bathrooms together. The transportation is very convenient, and it takes only about 15 minutes to get to the university. Generally, I am very satisfied with my accommodation.


It is really a pleasure to study in University of Zurich. To be honest, I wish I had done my all degree here. The university is energetic and you can feel the atmosphere of learning and sharing new ideas. It is a beautiful space, well maintained, equipped with modern technology, offers a lot of eating options and has a lot of commodious place for group discussing, all of these make me wish to stay here longer!

During the semester, I have taken 5 academic courses and 1 German language course in the language center. All the professors are very nice. The professor of Financial Market and Institutions is very experienced and taught us a lot of basic models and theories in financial market. He always let us play a game before the lecture which encouraged us a lot. A lot of concepts in Microfinance are really new to me, but the teacher has thoroughly illustrated to us how the microfinance works and what is the present situation of investing in microfinance, which gives me some new ideas on the financial development of the developing countries. Accounting and economics is a very useful lecture which helps me a lot and the professor is so nice that he always explain every important point in order to let us have a better understanding. International Corporate Tax Planning is also new for me since I haven’t study this area before, but is interesting and introduces me the basic tax system in OECD countries. The lecture of Intercultural Management is very popular among exchange students, since it is very practical and the professor is very nice. She always brought us some case studies to let us get a better insight into different cultures. As my original major is not finance in my home university, some of the courses are a bit challenge for me, but I think I can handle them well. The German for beginners is a very useful class, and sometimes the teacher teaches us some Swiss-German which is very helpful in my daily life.



With the scholarship provided by Zurich Financial Services Group, I have led a colorful life in Zurich. I have participated in a lot of activities organized by ESN, getting to know some new friends and I really enjoy the Fondue here. Sometimes I go to BBQ with my native friends and chatting all the night. I also travel to many European cities and it is very enjoyable by exploring new places. During my spare time, I can do sport in the sport center, sometimes cooking with my friends, and sometimes I can go around Zurich to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the lakes and mountains. All these have enriched my life here. I do indeed appreciate my opportunity to study here!