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09/10 WS


Beijing - Tsinghua University


Wirtschaftschemie (8850)


The  five-month exchange program provides me a precious opportunity to see what study and life is like in Europe, particularly Switzerland. I feel so grateful that during this short period I come to know a lot of culture, make many new friends, and see landscapes that are completely different from what I am familiar with. This experience will surely be an unforgettable moment of my life. 


For us from Tsinghua University, an application process is required, where applicants should hand in several documents including personal statement, transcript, certificate for language skills and so on. After that, an interview is followed.

 Once having passed the application, the preparation becomes fairly easy, thanks to the wonderful organization by staffs in the International Office, UZH. I would like to express my gratitude especailly to Ms. Sandra Kaufmann, who has been our contact since the program starts. Sandra send us emails for every important notification, helping us prepare for the stay in Zurich step by step. Other staffs are also very helpful. 

For foreign students, it might be a good idea to bring some ingredients that are unique in their home country, because in Switzerland access to these stuff is not easy, or put in another way, not cheap. 


Although I had prior experience of living abroad, it was the first time that I'd been in Europe so I felt excited. I had a buddy from UZH who contacted me before arrival. He was so kind as to pick me up in the airport and explained how the public transportation system works. Without him, It would be a lot harder for me to quickly find my way to the new home.


Finding accomodation is done by filling out a form offered by WOKO office, a local student aparment services agency, who will later allocate an apartment to the applicant according to the content of the form. We find it extraordinarily trouble-saving for we don't have to look for apartments ourselves.

My apartment is good, close to the school mainbuilidng and very cheap in relative terms. I live in privated room and share the hall, kitchen, 2 bathrooms with other 6 students. The merit of living with others is having more chances to communicate with those from different countries. On the down side, however, I have to tolerate some bad habits of my roommates. Overall, I am quite happy with the place.


The facility of the university is very good. Libraries are abundant. Study spaces and discussion tables are everywhere. Even the curtains are drawn automatically. School mensa serves delicious but cheap food, which is warmly welcomed by all students, as can be judged from the long queues during noon.

In terms of study, I really learn a lot from my classes. None of the courses is easy. As a matter of fact, some are quite hard and require plenty of time to digest. The lectures are very theoretical, involves a lot of math and pay much attention to empirical evidence, which is quite different from approaches in my home university. On average, workload is much less than in Tsinghua, but rather effective.


In leisure time, my friends and I mostly travel in Switzerland and other countries in Europe.Switzerland is an amazing country with the most beautiful sceneries in world. We went to Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Lugano, Luzern and the Jungfraujoch. The lakes and mountains never fail to astonish us with their spectacular wonder.By meeting new people and visiting new cities, we get a better understanding of the Swiss culture.

 Occasionally we are invited  to dinners and parties by local people. We have wonderful time together, exchanging ideas and sharing thoughts.