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Erasmus - IN


09/10 SS


Amsterdam - Universiteit van Amsterdam


Volkswirtschaftslehre (3020)


Zürich is a beautiful and dynamic city and in the three months I've been here I really got to know the city and the places to be. I'm going to miss Zürich when I'm back in the Netherlands. All the people I've met are friendly and very willing to help you, everything is clean and seems well organized. I did an internship at the institute for empirical research in economics, and so I haven't followed any University courses, but my impression of the university is a positive one.


I had not much more than two weeks to prepare, and it was hard to find a room for just a couple of months. Luckily I could stay at a friend's place who had found a room, and it is easier to find something when you're already in Zürich. I had sent an email to the international office of the university to ask if there was still a possibility for me to come here as an Erasmus student, and fortunately that was still possible. I looked for maps of Zürich and information about the public transport system, health insurance, if I needed a residence permit and what forms I needed for that.  I checked what it would cost to live in Zürich and when I knew I had enough resources, I went!


I came here together with a friend/collegue by airplane and together we discovered Zürich during our first days here. It was nice to have someone to share first impressions with.


It was hard for me to find a room in mid april for only three months. In the first week I was in Zürich I visited 5 rooms, but there were always more than 4 (sometimes even 10!) other persons and most of the time they were looking for someone who could stay longer, so my chances were not very high. I finally got an email from my supervisor who got an email that was sent through a list (don't remember what list) from a professor who had a room available for two months, and I got that room. When I had to search again for july I had more luck, because there were some students leaving for the holidays and so I found another room in one day!


In the three months I was here in Zürich I worked at the Institute for emperical research in economics. I didn't follow any university courses, but what I can say is that I really like the main building of the university and the peolpe I've met are all very helpful and friendly. I like the atmosphere and I enjoyed my internship.


I have to say that life here in Zürich is quite expensive. It's very convenient in the city to have a montly card for public transport, but going into the mountains with the train I found to be quite expensive. But of course I went on some hiking trips and even around Zürich there are some nice places to walk. I spent a lot of time somewhere at the lake, to just relax or swim. With the legi from the university I went to the sport centre and started practicing Shin Aiki, where I made a lot of friends. Now, when I almost have to go home, I realize that three months is actually too short. There is so much to see and do in and around Zürich and in my last month I really felt I had found my place without a part of me missing home. I've come to love Zürich and the Swiss people and my new friends, and I can look back at my time in Zürich as a very happy, instructive and eye opening experience.