International Relations

Information for Teaching Staff


The International Relations Office supports institutes and professors in international issues, like the development of international cooperations, the reception of exchange students or academic guests, and organization of the database for international research cooperation.


The International Relations Office offers faculties and institutes/departments support in negotiating contracts. Click the following link to find information on the various kinds of agreements, to download templates, and for tips on drafting an agreement.


Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

Departmental coordinators and instructors can learn more about student and staff mobility in the framework of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

Academic Reports

The Academic Report of the University of Zurich presents information on the international activities of the institutes/departments and clinics. Consolidating this data helps strengthen the University's international standing and promotes its strategic development. You will find instructions on compiling the activities from your unit in the section “Kooperationsdatenabank”.

Kooperationsdatenbank(information in German)

Funding Opportunities

Research Promotion Programs
As part of its foreign policy in research, the federal government supports collaboration in research and scholarship with selected non-European countries. Bilateral Research Promotion Programs

North-South Cooperation
The North-South Cooperation at the University of Zurich promotes exchange of knowledge and intercultural mutual learning with universities and research institutes in Africa.
Project Funding

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