International Relations – North-South Cooperation


Seed Money

Applications can be submitted for start-up funding for new joint projects (such as funding for preliminary clarification meetings, workshops, research visits, etc.).

Report and Expense Report


  • Applications can be submitted by staff at the University of Zurich (UZH).
  • The following information must be submitted with the completed application form:
    • Complete CVs of project head and all prospective recipients
    • Endorsement letter from a full professor at UZH
    • Endorsement letter from a professor at the partner institution
    • Detailed budget, showing clearly the financial contribution on the part of the applicant/s, that is: the UZH institute and the partner institution
    • Project description (3-4 pages):
      • Project content and implementation, including a time frame
      • Current state of research
      • Reason for choosing the partner institution, including information on why it is well-suited for the project
      • Statement on project head’s and all recipients’ motivation (professional, personal) to participate in a cooperation project
      • Demonstrate that the funding criteria are met


  • Application for reimbursement of expenses in accordance with costs reimbursed.
  • No limit on material costs. Costs for materials must be applied for in advance and justified in detail.
  • No overhead costs or wages will be funded.
  • Maximum grant per application: CHF 15,000.-

Report and Expense Report

  • After completion of the project phase that was funded, the project head submits a final report and a detailed expense report with original receipts to the Coordination Center North-South.


  • Applications for funding may be submitted at any time during the year.
  • The decision on funding a project is made within three months upon submitting the full proposal.
  • The final report and expense report must be submitted within six weeks of completing the funded project phase, but at the latest by mid-December of the same calendar year.
  • The Coordination Center North-South will reimburse costs within six weeks after receiving the expense report.