International Relations – North-South Cooperation

signing MoU

Signing of the MoU

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fischer, Vice President (present President) of the UZH; Prof. Dr. Hans Weder, Former President of UZH; Prof. Dr. Stephen Cyril Kijjambu, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Makerere University in Uganda; Prof. Dr. Silas Lwakabamba, Rector of the National University of Rwanda.
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2011: Extension of Support
2008: 175th Anniversary of the University of Zurich

2011: Extension of Support

In 2011 the Steering Committee of the North-South Cooperation decided to extend the support of cooperation projects from the two partner universities - the Makerere University in Uganda and the National University of Rwanda - to academic institutions in whole Africa. In September 2011, the Coordination Center North-South which is affiliated with the International Relations Office of the University of Zurich launched its first call for proposals:

Call for Proposals

The University of Zurich (UZH) aims to enhance cooperation with African universities by fostering partnerships in the fields of research, education, and building institutional capacity. Members of UZH can apply for funding by submitting a proposal to the Coordination Center North-South to the UZH International Relations Office at any time.

Funding is available for the following instruments which enable cooperation with universities and research institutes in Africa:

  • Seed Money
  • Teaching Staff Mobility
  • Research Visits and Practical Training
  • Attendance at Conferences
  • Staff Training
  • Joint Summer Schools and Seminars

Further information including priority areas, details on funding instruments, procedures, and application is available on the website of the North-South Cooperation at

The North-South Cooperation at the University of Zurich promotes exchange of knowledge and intercultural mutual learning with universities and research institutes in Africa. The cooperation supports sustainable projects in research and teaching as well as in capacity development. Central to all activities is a commitment to a reciprocal partnership between the cooperating institutions and individuals.

The cooperation projects between the University of Zurich and universities or research institutes in Africa are made possible thanks to a yearly contribution of CHF 100,000.- by the Jacobs Foundation.

2008: 175th Anniversary of the University of Zurich

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the University of Zurich (UZH) in 2008 – with the motto "Wissen teilen" [Sharing Knowledge] – UZH moved to enhance the North-South dialogue and entered into partnerships with two African universities. Following the annual UZH news conference in the spring of 2008, UZH signed agreements with Makerere University in Uganda (MAK) and the National University of Rwanda (NUR). The Coordination Center North-South was then established to coordinate and promote the partnerships.

The following documents provide further information on the UZH North-South Cooperation:

UZH News Conference

An article in unipublic provides information on the annual news conference during which the president of the university spoke about the motivation behind UZH’s new cooperation with MAK and NUR...see article

You can download the press release on the 2008 UZH annual news conference, with the president’s talk as well as a press release by Makerere University…here

At the "Wissen teilen" Symposium [Sharing Knowledge Symposium] criteria for North-South cooperation were developed…more information